What is the Unplowed Road?

It’s a blog of sorts.  No, it’s not one of those things where someone whines incessantly about every little imperfect nuance in their life.  It’s quite the opposite.  It’s a place where I celebrate imperfection and the act of trailblazing our own way to whatever we define as success.  This blog is intended to be a compendium of useful tools and support to get anyone past the physical and mental roadblocks they may encounter en route to becoming a more healthy version of themselves.

In my case, after a lifetime of dealing with weight issues, I have finally committed to finding my way through the uncharted wilderness of health.  For each of us that means different things.  For me, it was about eating well, exercising, and making better lifestyle decisions. That’s not as simple as it sounds – and the road there is strewn with hazards of all manner. As you will see in these pages, I cover a broad range of topics. These will include the mechanical “how-to”, theory-crafting, and the science of losing weight.  Learning to cook healthy was essential and I will have regular feature recipes and cooking information.  But perhaps most importantly, I will be dealing with the mental fallout from many years of obesity.

My story is an ongoing one.  When I write this, in September of 2018, I have been engaged in charting this new road map to health for about 18 months, and I’ve lost 182 pounds to-date.  I can’t possibly explain the difference it has made in my life.  It has bolstered my physical capabilities and my own mental outlook.  It has boosted my confidence, and given me the solemn pride to have accomplished something that few ever thought I could do. While I have not yet reached my goals and still have miles to go, I’m well on the way there.  I invite you to come along with me, and may we both discover something about ourselves along the way.

-Ethan  9/05/2018

Notes on Organization:

The posts in this blog are organized into a series of categories to make it easier to search for content that might be important to you.  You will find navigation options at the top of the screen.

The Categories:

My System: This page contains links to all the essential articles that cover my approach to being healthy, losing weight and surviving it all!

Weekly Digest:  This category covers my musings about my weekly progress, how I have done and how I feel about it. This is where I will update my weight loss numbers.

Cooking (with a Kukri):  Making healthy food that also tastes good can be a real struggle for some.  Fear not, I am here to help.  This section will be a litany of recipes that are relatively healthy and at the same time delicious!

Nuts and Bolts:  This category encompasses analysis, mathematics, systems, and of course, my beloved spreadsheets.

My Fat Brain:  This is a category that covers struggles and hurdles – both mental and systemic. In essence, it’s a sort of confessional or sounding board where I discuss the many issues and pitfalls that comprise this journey to health.