Weekly Digest: January 10th- January 23rd

Ever been on a roller coaster?  No? Me either …until this diet!  That’s a joke, you can laugh now.  Seriously, chuckle with me over this self-deprecating humor, it makes me feel better about the struggle.  The last two weeks have been both good and bad.  The follow up week to my losing 4 pounds in week 75 was to lose 3 more in week 76.  I was thrilled and getting back to making consistent progress and recovering from the holiday!  Also during week 76 I injured my back.  So week 77 was spent struggling with this injury. The injury is detailed below, but the result was a lot of stress and pain, and that resulted in an astronomical weight gain of 5 pounds.   At least it feels astronomical to me! 

I’m not 100% certain I can blame the weight gain on injury, fluid retention etc.  My diet wasn’t bad, so I am left with little option but to conclude it is related to the injury.  So… I may have mentioned a roller coaster?  All I can do is just continue moving forward and do my best to heal up and keep up the activity levels.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the diversity that the gym allows me will help to resume more consistent progress in losing weight.

Pork tenderloin with rice and sauteed veggies

Injury Report:

Yep, I am back on Injured Reserve, as we hockey folk say.  You baseball people would say the “Disabled List” But then, you have your own language, typically smattered with an over abundance of vegetables.  I still have no clue what “Can of corn” means and how it remotely translates into a short fly ball.  You baseball people are weird.  ANYHOW …I managed to hurt my back again.  This is not the first time for this particular injury, and I believe I have discovered what is happening.  I am hurting my rhomboid muscle in my back – specifically the right one.  This can happen while sleeping (ever pulled a muscle while sleeping?) and in my case I so sleep on my right side at times – and I tend to lever myself up with my right arm after sleeping, so that can be the source of this injury.  Additionally, it can also be hurt by carrying a heavy backpack on just one shoulder.  I seem to do that a fair deal as well.  Combined I am guessing those are what is causing the injury.

Healing time for this kind of muscle pull can be lengthy and indeed it’s gone on quite a bit.  I am likely looking at several weeks of limitations on upper body workouts.   I managed to complicate the matter by falling asleep on a heating pad and that resulted in a minor burn.  That is actually less of an issue than the muscle pull.  The muscle pull was pretty uncomfortable for several days, and created quite a difficulty in sleeping.  Thankfully that has gradually subsisted and now it’s merely an irritation and limitation on my workouts.  The good news is that it doesn’t stop lower body or cardio workouts so it’s not preventing me from being active.  There is no telling how long this will last but we have 2 to 3 weeks of dealing with it so far.  I definitely don’t heal as fast as I did when I was in my 20’s or 30’s! 

My new gym. It has everything I need.

Joining A Gym:

My Isagenix 100 pound club workout gear ready to go!

Well I made the decision and I joined an Anytime Fitness that is only about 3 miles from my house.  I am really pleased with this. The decision to makes this move was much more difficult than I would have anticipated.  It wasn’t a matter of logistics or amenities as much as it was a matter of making myself comfortable with the decision and navigating all the social hurdles that it entails.  The good news is that after two weeks of going in there, I am becoming really comfortable and having access to the equipment is really branching out my activity types.  I’m finding it is easier to focus on different muscle groups and I’m doing more than I was previously when I was only working out at home.  I think there is still much a person can do at home, but motivation is also a factor in that process. Physically going into a gym puts me in a position where I am executing that activity with no other distractions compared to home. 


These two weeks were not terribly bad.  The calorie levels were between 1400 and 1500 each day, with just one day hitting 1702 calories. The content of the calories was better, although I am still struggling with too much sugar.  I think that is having a negative impact on my fluid retention.  It’s easy to identify that as a problem, but much harder to actually succeed in doing something about it.  Especially if you have a sweet tooth like me.  Again, these two weeks were better in that regard, so it’s progress.  BUT …it’s far from ideal and as clean as I need my diet to be.  At this point, I’m only creating problems for myself and setting myself up for disappointment when weigh day rolls around. 

Miso soup, with scallions, pork and a side of veggies!

Otherwise things have been looking good.  I have been paying more attention to portions, and actually have been partaking in miso soup a bit more.  I use a quick-miso and hot water in a kettle.  I throw in some scallions and some kind of protein. …usually chicken or pork.  Although Tofu is very good in miso soup.  I have also mixed up a batch of hummus and have that on hand for snacking with celery.  So I’m doing some prep to make sure I have healthy alternatives on hand.  I’m hoping the next week will be more successful.


With joining the gym in week 77, I do have a few days of exercise variety in that last week.  It’s been really interesting and, I think, very productive.  I exercised 5 of the 7 days in each week. In week 76 I spent 135 minutes on the elliptical, and did 2 free weight sessions.  In week 77 I walked for 3 miles, spent 75 mins on an exercise bike, 65 minutes on a treadmill, 10 minutes on a rowing machine and did 1 seriously long free weight session.  Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how I did. It’s a great start to my gym experience, and I’m really hopeful the variety available keeps me moving forward!

Salmon and salad with a side of rice

Mom Update:

For those of you following my mom’s progress after breaking her hip, I am pleased to report that she is doing fantastic! After being in a TCU for a couple months, she is finally ready to return home!  The second surgery on her hip has been very effective and her healing progress has been good.  She is still restricted from bearing weight on the injured side, but with luck that restriction will be lifted within a few weeks and she can start in-home physical therapy and eventually return to a fully mobile state.  I’m cautious about saying that because mom has been in a wheel chair now for some time, and I suspect the road back to a mobility level equivalent to pre-fall might be somewhat lengthy.  But mom is showing good dedication and commitment.  She is a rock star. 

Seriously …this hummus is the creamiest, smoothest hummus ever!
Click above for my hummus recipe!

My Take Away: 

In the previous issue of the Weekly Digest I talked a lot about what I needed to do to get back on track.  I addressed deficiencies across my entire approach that I thought I needed to tweak.  I’ve started making those changes.  I haven’t been able to make all of them, but I have done fairly well, and I’m proud of the positive steps I’ve taken.  I tend to beat myself up a lot, and sometimes am overly critical.  But it’s important that we show ourselves some kindness.  It has to start with us.  I know what I need to do – and I’m making those changes and moving forward.  I know I have a bit more diet tweaking to do.  But I have to celebrate the positives!  I joined a gym!! YAY! That’s a great step for me!  And building on that great step will lead to other great steps.  Next thing you know I will have recovered from Christmas and the holidays!   My diligence and commitment to this journey to health will be refreshed and moving full steam ahead!  

Audi R8
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