Weekly Digest 61: A Breakthrough

Every weight loss success story is filled with ups and downs. It’s never perfectly linear and easy. This week is a good example of the unpredictability involved and how, sometimes, things just work out! My routine was greatly altered due to cold and rainy weather.  I wasn’t able to get outside as much, so that made me shift my exercise routine to accommodate the weather.  Last winter I spent a bit of time working on this shift, and it’s served me well heading in to this winter. I already have routines and ideas built out for getting in exercise over bad weather.

So in making those adjustments I still was able to get in some decent exercise.  My diet also looked similarly good this week.  Like most weeks, I am not perfect and continue to struggle with my little guilty pleasures. (You know I am talking about you, Peanut Butter.) Aside from that, which I do factor into my caloric tracking, I have done well and am pleased with my results.

The Results:

This week saw the dam finally break in the constant back and forth struggle over one pound.  I lost three pounds, and that brings my total weight loss to 219 pounds. I didn’t really expect this kind of progress because I didn’t really feel any different than any other week.  My efforts weren’t really any different – I still try hard every week.  I am still not perfect every week.  But, evidently, my body had gone through enough of an adjustment period that it was ready to lose weight again.  At least, this is the rationale that makes the most sense. 

For the next week, it will be about working to maintain this progress and hope it was genuine weight loss and not just water loss.  There are all kind of possibilities, but just dealing within the realm of what I can affect reminds me to just keep my nose to grindstone and soldier on! 


The project telecaster getting a trial run.

On the guitar front I have continued to tinker with my telecaster and work out some of the fine nuances.  It’s a pretty particular instrument, and I am discovering that as I learn and refine my building techniques that includes working around my own mistakes.  I suppose that’s the learning process, but it results in a great amount of time being dedicated to the small tasks.  However I take it slowly, and methodically and am really focusing on establishing my own unique process to maximize results.

Ironically, this is much the same as my approach to losing weight.  You establish a good fundamental system that works for you, but then as elements change you need to tinker and make small adjustments to the process to keep it working as effective as possible.  Many are the days lost to unforeseen changes, choices or simply the need to make adjustments to keep your body from getting complacent. 

Making adjustments is a natural part of the process.  I hesitate to refer to things as “mistakes” in this regard.  Often something that ultimately has a negative effect on your progress may have been necessary at the time just for your sanity – so in many ways they aren’t mistakes but simply choices.  Ultimately we all have to live with the consequences.  So you haven’t done anything wrong – it simply is the act of living the process.  You are walking the walk.  What’s important is how you react to a setback.  Chin up, carry on.   

It’s Cold Out There, Baby:

weight loss story
Turkey White Bean Chili! It’s delicious AND healthy!

Well as I have said in previous Weekly Digests, fall is now officially here.  I have been focusing on adding some good, healthy, low calorie soups to my normal cooking palette.  Lisa Vanderwilt posted a great recipe on facebook for a healthy turkey, white bean chili that I attempted.  It uses great northern beans as the base – and as I like my soups on the thick side, I added a small amount of cornstarch.  That worked perfectly and it came out just as I had hoped!  I also added a bit of cilantro, and upped the pepper and chili powder.  It was wonderful.  Thanks Lisa! 


My diet this week was pretty good.  The high calorie count was 1609 on Friday, but every remaining day was between 1400-1500.  I am actually quite pleased with that.  That is right in the window of where I need to be.  For extravagances, once again we have a little peanut butter, some chips and salsa and a few crackers.  It’s not too bad – quantities were reasonable.  Alcohol was very limited this week with only 1 drink.  Overall, a very clean week. 

weight loss story
Pork tenderloin with salad and quinoa

I think a big part of sticking to my diet is also keeping busy.   With many things to occupy my time, there is less opportunity to snack out of sheer boredom.  So keeping myself on track with all of life’s little events also helps me overcome the hurdle of snacking because I am thinking about it.  Next week I hope to keep things as balanced and clean! 


Well the weather sure impacted what I do for exercise.  There were only two days this week where I could be outside.  So on those days I did a 15 mile bike ride and a 3.3 mile walk.  On inside days, I have taken to starting a new combination of exercise.  I warm up with about 20 minutes on the elliptical, then go into a 20-30 minute free weight routine.  I have been alternating my free weight exercises to try to keep things fresh.   So I managed two days with dedicated elliptical sessions of 30-40 minutes, and 4 free weight sessions of 20 mins.  So each day I have managed some exercise and kept myself active. 

In retrospect I can definitely say I feel less active than at the height of the summer.  I literally can FEEL it. That’s one of the big hurdles of winter here.  I will have to be conscious about continuing to find ways to keep moving, keep active and not let the winter blahs take over! 

My Take-Away: 

My big take away is a quote I first heard from Robin Belfrey:  “Muscle is built in the gym and weight is lost in the kitchen.”  While I felt slightly less active this week, I still saw good results.  It could be a holdover from last week, but my repeated weeks of eating well is likely what is paying the dividends with this week’s weight loss.  So while keeping active is important, and I need to make sure I don’t sit too much, keeping up on the good work on my intake is necessary.  Onward, friends!  


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