Weekly Digest 59 and 60 9/13-9/26

Hello Everyone!  Let’s not mess around and jump right into the update.  The last two weeks have been pretty good.  I have been happy with my diet and my exercise.  I feel like I have been eating pretty clean, and keeping up with my intention to diversify my exercise routine to accommodate the change of seasons. 

Despite my work, over the last two weeks, my body remains stubborn and I have lost just one pound, bringing me to 216 pounds lost total.   However, I did measure myself for the first time since July, and I am down a couple inches in the chest and waist, and an inch in the thighs and arms.  So while I am not seeing the net weightloss I would prefer, clearly some reshaping of my body is going on. 

“Just Keep Moving”: 

Capitalizing on that great quote from Wahbon Spears, Linnea Harju reminded me that with this change of seasons, and the onset of cold weather, it’s second nature to settle into a state of being similar to hibernation.  We seek comfort food, hot beverages, and look forlornly at the outside, wishing it were wispy and warm like it was only a month ago.  But she pointed out that I can’t be tempted by that.  That I must “just keep moving”.   She is right.  Can a person’s support network get any better?  I highly doubt it.  Color me lucky, folks. 

Fun Stuff: 

These two weeks had a variety of interesting events happen – let’s take a look at them: 

Newly finished Telecaster made by me!
filing string slots with the new files and a special gauge!

New Guitar Tools:

I broke down and finally ordered a set of files specifically for working on guitars.  I have been weighing this purchase for a long time.  They aren’t cheap, but they are essential for making accurate headstock nuts on guitars.  The strings need to be at a specific height at the headstock of the neck, and that height is controlled by filing the strong slots.  My first foray into working with them was hugely rewarding as I was able to refine several guitar builds into much more efficient players. 

me and janet
Janet Anderson and Me. It was so great to get time to chat with Janet!

Isagenix Super Saturday:

I attended a big Isagenix Super Saturday event in which many speakers spent an afternoon providing interesting content.  I find that much of what they talk about translates to a successful way of operating in a modern, social media driven, environment.  I usually come away with quite a few gems of info.  Additionally, afterward our team met up at Lake Harriet for a little hangout time and it was great!  I had a chance to spend time with people I don’t normally get much time with.  It’s fun, and the positivity is a tonic for the soul. 

Me, Robin and Emily
Robin Belfrey, Me and Emily Vavra. What a great team of supporters and an amazing resource for information!

Big Farmer’s Market:

Most of the time, when I go to the Farmer’s Market it is the small market at Parker’s Lake in Plymouth.  But recently I went to the big Minneapolis Farmer’s Market with Pam Hargrove and Sara Jane!  I was thrilled to go with such great guides!  The results were a large bag of goodies that have become things like roasted vegetables, pickles and salsa!

weight loss
Dill pickles, pickled beans and salsa!

New Tea

In a recent facebook post I made about tea, I had a great conversation with Ted Meland, my dad’s oldest friend, about tea and his experience attending a lecture at Herods in London by Lord Twining of Twining’s Tea.  It was really interesting to hear a few of the points Lord Twining made in this lecture.  In the course of our discussion, Ted enlightened me to a Tea by Lipton that is quite good!  Normally, I would not associate Lipton as a tea brand I would bother with, but Lipton’s Yellow Label is evidently a tea marketed to the east Asian market and is quite mellow and smooth.   I managed to find some on Amazon and ordered it.  Ted was right, it’s quite a delicious tea, and I always love adding a new tea to the arsenal!  Thanks Ted! 

weight loss
Lipton Yellow Label Tea

Happy Hour

I hosted a “Happy Hour on the Deck” this week!  I have to say how valuable these experiences are for me.  I truly enjoy hosting them!  I love being able to cook for everyone.  I usually make a bevy of dips for crudité platters and a few baked goods.  But as Jolene Hanley quizzed me on cooking, I told her that cooking for my friends and family is one of the big ways that I get to say “I love you.”  That is often said too easily, with little sincerity, or not said often enough.  So it is a great opportunity to put some love into doing something and share it with all those important people in your life.  To quote Penzey’s ad campaign: “Love people, cook them tasty food.”  So right. 

Happy Hour on the Deck! L to R: Robin Belfrey, Jolene Hanley, Lisa VanDerWilt, Me, Natalie Shafer, Susannah Doty!
Happy Hour
Happy Hour includes great friends! Natalie Shafer, Kurt Elliason, Fred Finch, Johnny Hoy!
happy hour 2
We also had some baseball tonight! Pictured includes friends Angela Thiemann and Olga Dovgopola


Ok, intake these two weeks was pretty good.  I can’t complain too much.  Yes, the happy hour was a small blip on the radar, but really it wasn’t that bad.  I bet I was still under 2000 calories on the day.  But aside from that day – I had one day at 1700 calories, one day at 1600 calories and the remaining 11 days were between 1300 and 1550 calories.  There was LESS peanut butter, and my wheat intake wasn’t terrible, though I did have a couple sandwiches and some crackers this week.  Tortilla chips and salsa were also present this week, but I think I did a good job controlling that.  For alcohol, I had 4 drinks each week.  Not bad.  Overall, calorie intake was good – and only the normal fine-tuning could have made it better.  I feel good about it.   

weight loss
Roasted veggies with sprigs of rosemary!


The makeup of my exercise routines is changing.  As the weather changes, so must the content of my routine.  But it’s more than that – my exercise routine needs to evolve.  I have been relying heavily – all summer – on cardio work.  Really, since I began this diet my focus has been on cardio.  It’s worked, clearly.  But now we are getting to the point where I need to be working on my toning and building more lean muscle to help with weight loss.  Muscle burns more calories after all.  So I am trying to focus on adding in more free weight work and the like.  I look forward to being able to report back to you all on a couple conversations I intend having this week on the topic! 

My Take-Away:

The learnings this time are pretty simple and straightforward: 

  1. Be ever-vigilant on the diet and continually push myself to make healthy choices and don’t cave in to winter comfort food.
  2. Keep moving, keep active, find time not just to exercise, but to be active around the house – or outside the house.  DO THINGS! …and and and …STUFF!  THINGS and STUFF! 

Ok, that’s all I have this week.   Keep the nose to the grindstone!


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