The Plow Moves Slowly

Weight loss efforts have their ups and downs. It’s been a difficult two weeks. The weather has sucked. It’s severely limited my time outdoors.  My attitude has been garbage. I am frustrated and strangely discontented.  Perhaps I am harboring resentment at Mother Nature for the early fall and impending ugly winter that we, here in Minnesota, will be facing.

Regardless of these discomforts my diet managed to be pretty good.  My biking has, of course, scaled back with the weather, and I am trying to incorporate more free weights into my exercise time. 

The result is that the first week was rather frustrating – while having a good diet I stayed the same.  The second week saw some positive action and I lost the few pounds I had gained previously, putting me back to 215 pounds lost.  Consistency still eludes me, granted it is within a small sample size. 

To analyze or not?


I’m not at all in an analytical mood.  In fact, I’m not even in a communicative mood so this week things will be rather abridged.  Perhaps that’s just the nature of being human.  Some days I would rather be left alone with my thoughts.  I think all of us have experienced moments like that, haven’t we?  There is a saying that “worry profits a person nothing.” Today, neither does analyzing all of this.


Both weeks were very similar. My intake was good.  I worked hard to make sure I didn’t stray too far – and indeed I did not.  Despite that there were still small snacks here and there, but I did a much better job if limiting their frequency and focusing on keeping the quantity small.  I think my major snack infraction was chips and salsa.  Granted, salsa isn’t bad at all – the chips can add up to a couple hundred calories pretty quickly.  Despite that, I am not horrified by it if I keep the amount of chips under control.  Of course, I would probably do better if I ate nothing vegetables for snacks, but I can’t do that entirely. 

A nice lite ceasar with chicken and quinoa!

Alcohol was also very controlled these last two weeks.  Both weeks featured two drinks only.  That’s great – I am very happy with this.  The first week had two days that were in 1600’s for calories.  The second week saw a high of only 1590 calories on one day with everything else being in 1400s. That’s spot-on! Combined with the good diet weeks, I am pleased with where I am on intake.  However, I admit to being frustrated that such good discipline netted only a few pounds loss. Either that is diminishing returns, or my body is making some adjustments and not inclined to lose like I want it too. 


Free Weights
more free weights!

I have been modifying my routine between the two weeks.  I will be biking a bit less with the inclement weather and working more on free weights.  Attempting to build some more lean muscle will help greatly with burning calories and exchanging fat for lean muscle.  So in week 1, I biked 60 miles and walked 3.3 miles.  In the second week I only biked 30 miles (mostly due to rain) and did two elliptical sessions and 3 free weight sessions.  This current week I will also be hitting 3 free weight sessions. That seems to be about where I am arriving as a good frequency.  One thing I will need to do is reach out to some trainer friends and discuss this with them and get some input.  Hopefully I can provide an update on that next week. 

My take-away:

It occurs to me that after telling you I wasn’t going to analyze this Weekly Digest, I analyzed my Weekly Digest.  *sigh*  Well, ok …so the bottom line is I did improve my diet.  My exercise is evolving a little through the seasons, and progress remains moderate to slow.  But …it IS still progress! 

Going forward, I need to keep up this level of intake – “weight is lost in the kitchen…” it’s a good quote. I need to pay particular attention to it.


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