Doing the Work, Clearing the Road, and My Week:

If I could execute carbon copies of this week for the next year, I would be doing great! This is where accountability and weight loss meet up. My diet was good, my exercise was good, my results were good. Weeks like this are critical for my fighting spirit and are really needed to keep my motivation going.  Nothing is more difficult than when you work hard, and struggle to see any results.  Or worse, when you work hard some days but then not on others or have moments of crisis that cause you to backslide. The lack of results turns into frustration faster so much faster than the acts that it took to undermine your efforts – and that even includes those things that you cannot control.

But this week saw results and progress.  It is also really important because it is stacking success upon success and again is illustrating that faith in my system is not misplaced.  So this week resulted in losing a few more pounds and getting me to a total of 215 pounds lost. I feel great and I am getting incredible support from everyone in my community – Thank you all so much.  Every victory like this brings me closer to a realistic and healthy weight!


This week was a pretty clean week.  Alcohol intake was limited to a couple margaritas.  The ever-present snack battle was still not as clean as possible – that peanut butter is my nemesis, but I counted it all in the MyFitnessPal and only had a few tablespoons worth last week.  I was good on the crackers, but did have tortilla chips and salsa a couple times.  I am not terribly worried about that – 140-200 cals of chips and 50 cals of salsa? Not that big of a deal.  Like any other snacks item, it’s about moderation.  I have to watch the amount – if I can do that then it can be managed.  So far, so good!  

The meals were good and clean, and I even leveraged the fresh farmer’s market veggies to make a fun little Greek salad as you can see below.   My total calories were all in-line.  I had 4 days between 1500-1600 and 2 days between 1400-1500.  One day was a cleanse day so that, of course, shows very few calories on the day.  More on that below.  Overall, I feel like the diet was up to par this week.  I am always on the lookout to improve, but I am content with how I did!  

A delicious healthy meal! Pork loin, brown rice, sauteed mixed veggies.

Garden Fresh!

This week I did a little Greek salad with dinner that was absolutely fantastic. Full of summer freshness and just right amount of tangy flavor to make it satisfying!  It consisted of cucumber, onion, zucchini and tomato.  I dressed it with some Greek seasoning and a bit of olive oil and white wine vinegar – delicious!  It’s a great way to use those veggies I pick up at the farmer’s market.  If you want to REALLY add a little more Greek flavor to this, toss in some feta crumbles.  I stayed away from that since I was trying to make it low-cal. But a little feta would not drive it over the top.  Give it a try!

greek salad
Greek Salad! Wonderful and fresh!

Cleanse Day:

So what is a cleanse day? A cleanse day is a day where I try to eat very little and give my digestive system a chance to “catch up” so-to-speak.  Meaning that your kidneys process toxins out of your system – and by not introducing much solid food over a day, they have an opportunity to work on that which is stored in your system.  I augment the nutrition I need with an Isagenix nutritional supplement designed for such days.  It’s – in essence- similar to the intermittent fasting concept.  A day of fasting is really tough for me, so most often I do the true intermittent fasting method (Do all your eating over an 8 hour period, then give your system 16 hours to rest).

Cleanse drink
The nutritional supplement I use for cleanse days

However, I’ll freely admit that I did a cleanse day this week because Isagenix came out with a new flavor of chocolate.  They make chocolates called “Isadelights” that are intended to work with your cleanse days. The new flavor was chocolate peanut butter cup!  I couldn’t wait to eat one…or two …or four!  So I did a cleanse day just to give myself “permission” to break into the new box!  They also work great for my sweet tooth!  And considering they are 60 calories a piece, that’s better than a big whopping spoon of peanut butter, right??!

These are the bomb. Bet you cannot eat just one.


Sometimes I don’t do a cleanse day for the intended purpose, but rather I will do it to exercise some discipline. When I need a little victory – or just feel like I want to test myself, or drive myself to accomplish something beneficial on the diet front I will do a cleanse day. In that case, it’s nothing more than a test of discipline and an opportunity to give myself a little “win” for the week.  The sense of accomplishment alone is invaluable.  We all need those little moments where we can say “YES! I did it!” …and this is made for those!


Again, this part of my week was the easiest.  I started by taking a couple days off – Friday and Saturday.  Saturday rained all day – and I rested.  I needed that given the heavy load from the previous week!  However, over the remainder of the week I logged 70 more miles on the bike and did a free weight session!  I feel really good about that and it’s making me very happy with myself. My discipline has been spot-on with my exercising, and I am loving it!  It is also reaching that time of year where I am seeing a lot of deer on the trails, so wildlife abounds out there – and its incredibly fun! 

This is Phil. He is a buck. He is not afraid of me. When I realized that, it made me wonder who should be afraid of whom?

My Take Away:

This week has been straight-forward.  I feel good about it, and really feel satisfied with how I did.  My learnings are simple:

  1. Remind myself to stay active and use my time wisely when I am not biking.  To quote Ms. Wahbon Spears, “just keep moving”.  Great advice!
  2. Keep vigilant on the snacking front – keep making good choices and limit the carbs, starches, wheat etc.  This is where exercising control comes in and the results will make me happy I did!

So that’s it friends!  See you next week! Onward!

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  • Bob magnuson

    That biking is the key. What was challenging on day one becomes boring. I find that EarPods pumping shania Twain into my ears is a pleasant change of pace. And stopping and chatting with other recreational bikers is a good allocation of time
    Keep it up

    • Thanks Bob! I really enjoy the biking and am very apprehensively eyeing the fall and impending winter! I also use ear buds with a variety of music to keep me motivated and driving hard!


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