Weekly Digest 42 5/17/19 -5/23/19

This week’s efforts to move myself towards great health and wellness left a little bit to be desired.  I’m more than willing to be perfectly blunt in characterizing these efforts as a bit less than inspired.  Despite that I did ok, and managed to have positive results.  To be honest, I’m completely surprised by that.

Healthy living through margaritas
Another sign summer has arrived: margaritas. More on this later!

Over the course of this journey, I have come to an understanding that my body isn’t really very forgiving.  There is not a lot of leeway in my world when it comes to splurging on the diet and allowing myself a “free day” so, generally, I try not to do that.  However, I am human and am prone to mistakes.  Some days you just want a little treat or a snack.  That’s what this week looked like.  My treats were small …mostly just a few drinks with friends, but alcohol has a lot of empty calories and the body burns sugar in alcohol before fat.  So I was prepared to lose nothing and even gain a pound or so.   As I said my errors were not egregious, but errors still. 

To my surprise I actually lost a pound this week despite my dalliance with wine country. That brings my total to 206 pounds lost. I will take it and move on.  I’m grateful that m body didn’t punish me for being a human being and opting to enjoy time with friends instead of strictly adhering to my diet.  I try to remember that I need to live a little and not always stick to this monastic existence. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! 

The Weather in This Weekly Update: 

I have spent a good deal of time bemoaning the weather here in Minnesota as of late, but I will not be doing that this week. You people have heard enough about it.  Instead I am going to quote the great Mark Twain. In a characteristic fit of humor he included this preamble to The American Claimant (1892): 

The sights of spring!

“The Weather In This Book:  No weather will be found in this book.  This is an attempt to pull a book through without weather.  It being the first attempt of the kind in fictitious literature, it may prove a failure, but it seemed worth the while of some dare-devil person to try it and the author was in just the mood. 

Many a reader who wanted to read a tale through was not able to do it because of delays on account of the weather.  Nothing breaks up an author’s progress like having to stop every few pages to fuss-up the weather. Thus it is plain that persistent intrusions of weather are bad for both reader and author.” 

In that sprit, I will now presume to relay the rest of the weekly update unfettered by weather of any kind. Enjoy.   

The Injury Report:

I have a few lingering issues with the insertional Achilles tendinitis, but they are minor.  I’ve been careful about it, and have not seemed to aggravate it in any way.  So while I did have to be cognizant, I feel like the healing has come along well and I can claim to be mostly in good health without any limiting injuries.  It’s very nice that it’s is a brief section this week!

healthy meal
Pork loin with roasted vegetables


Ok …lets get right to meat of the matter.  We’ll jump right in and confront the ugly truth of m intake this week.  So this week I had 5 glasses of red wine, 2 bad hombres (a fantastic tequila concoction) at the Baja Haus, 2 beers, a gin and diet tonic, a few jelly beans, tortilla chips and salsa, and some crackers and cheese.  You’ll notice all of these things do me little good and are all about the sugar, etc.  Yep, they are bad and I was bad.  Naughty, even!  Oh well.  I am feeling a bit ambivalent about it now, but only because it didn’t cost me any pounds.  If it had, I would assuredly be kicking myself and lamenting my poor decision-making.  Chalk this one up as a close call and count me fortunate.  The good news here is that next week is a brand new week and I have an opportunity to make up for it. 

On the upside, I did a good job with most of my meals, eating clean and healthy meals right out of my plan.  Made well, featuring fresh vegetables, good protein and reasonable portion sizes have helped to keep the calories under control.  I have also been pushing my boundaries a bit and working with some foods that I normally don’t work with. This week I used Orzo for the first time in quite a while. It was fun to experiment and come up with a healthy way to serve it!

Orzo meal
Orzo with chicken, peas and cherry tomatoes and a side of julienne green beans with almonds slivers.

Ok, so it CAN be a laughing matter…

Next week I need to keep going with the healthy part of my diet and perhaps choose fresh veggies for snacks more often.  Peanut butter is my nemesis when it comes to this.  A friend, Gabi Streater, posted a meme that said “I try to make protein shakes and they keep coming out as margaritas!” She is right …the struggle is real, folks! It’s great having friends with a sense of humor! It takes some of the sting out of the struggle.

Quote of the day credit goes to Gabi Streater!


Much of my exercise was inside this week.  Still it wasn’t a bad week for exercise. I managed to get in about 27 miles of biking over 2 days, 2 sessions on the elliptical of 30 mins each , and a hearty free weight session.  Overall I was a little less active than I want to see at the end of the week, but realistically that had activity for 5 of the 7 days this week.  So I can’t fault myself too much there …that’s ok.  Next week should be have more opportunities! 

My Take-Away: 

I was lucky that I didn’t put on any weight this week.  This was a close call.  I have to be thankful and make sure I capitalize on this gift by putting in a stellar effort next week.  If I do that, then I earn the right to look past this week and keep my head up.  It’s on the verge of summer …fresh vegetables, light cooking, an active outdoor lifestyle are all on the horizon!


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