Weekly Digest 39 4/26/19 -5/2/19

Well, it’s been an interesting week, folks.  Here in Minnesota we had another turn in our weather.  Last week, as you remember, we had some amazing weather and it was really the first week where I could spend a good amount of time on my bike.  This week was almost the complete opposite.  Such is the norm in Minnesota. It’s completely de rigeur to have beautiful summer weather one week and utter garbage the next.  So it goes this week.  After a full winter of being stuck inside, it was particularly difficult this week to endure it yet again …but as is often heard here: “at least it wasn’t snowing”. I probably shouldn’t say that too loudly …Mother Nature hears all and has a twisted sense of humor.

mother nature
Mother Nature…that spiteful troll.

Outside of the weather curiosities, I also was similarly hungry this week like in previous weeks. I fed my body more calories this week, and in some cases didn’t make the best choices, but overall it wasn’t too bad.  I just averaged a few more calories every day – so my range this week was closer to 1600-1700 per day minus the two cleanse days from the 11 Day Shred program I did with my Isagenix team.  This week saw no weight loss, but no gain either.  Given all the challenges, I am ok with that.  The previous week and all the joy I got from being outside and biking makes me realize that this summer is going to be so good for me. 

11 Day Shred: 

So given a couple of dietary indiscretions, how did I do with the 11 Day Shred?  Well, not terribly bad.  It started on Monday the 22nd and concluded on the 2nd.  In that time frame they say the average weight loss for men is 9 pounds.  I lost 5 pounds, but 3 of those pounds were likely water weight gained the previous week prior to my loss last week.  This week yielded no change, of course.


However, I think there are a few mitigating circumstances.  First, I did not stick 100% to a diet of 1400-1500 cals.  Especially this week – my system was just craving more.  That in and of itself, is not bad but when I feed it extra calories, I need to make good choices on a consistent basis. Second, I think the 11 Day Shred is most effective for people that have fallen off on their dieting diligence or been sedentary over the winter.  Lastly my 4 cleanse days were not great.  The first two I probably consumed more little snacks stuff than I should, although it wasn’t terrible.  The second two days were actually quite good with the exception of Wednesday night where I attended a dinner event held by my investor.  On the upside, I had a fantastic baked salmon dinner!

Learnings from the Shred

One very interesting side effect – or a learning, really – from this 11 Day Shred was the realization that when doing a 2 day cleanse the second day is easier.  I didn’t think it would be – and I have struggled with this aspect of the Isagenix approach. Gaining a feeling of real benefit from a two day or even a one day cleanse always eluded me, and I still feel like that – but I know the benefit is there.  I just don’t get the same feeling from it that many do.  That said, those two day cleanses have helped me identify a feeling of being …well…I’m going to say “lighter and cleaner”.  It’s difficult to put my finger on, but I did emerge from these exercises feeling like my kidneys had an opportunity to “catch up”, if you will. 

What’s a Cleanse?

Cleanse day
Morning: Cleanse for Life and my Ionix Tea

This is probably a good time to clarify what this term actually means. Most of you out there in reader-land are probably thinking “ugh …a cleanse is where the doctor gives you this vile, chalky crap that you guzzle and then spend two days on the toilet “clearing the baffles””.  (Submariners will get the reference – if you’re curious, message me and I’ll explain). But no …that’s not this kind of cleanse.  What I am talking about is nutritionally supported intermittent fasting.  In terms of Isagenix that takes the form of going a whole day – or two- without eating traditional meals or protein shakes etc.  They have a drink that is chock full of nutrients to make sure your body gets what it needs during that time frame, but you are eschewing solid food in order to allow your body to conduct its normal cleansing process.

Intermittent Fasting MK II

Alternatively, intermittent fasting is often defined differently than in the Isagenix system.  Traditional intermittent fasting is where you eat all of your daily calories in approximately 8 to 10 hours and then eat no solid food for the remaining 14-16 hours of the day.  In truth, that is the kind of methodology that works better for me.  I still do both, on occasion, but my system just tolerates traditional intermittent fasting better.          

Injury Report:

ice pack
The Ice Pack: My Old Friend

Ok …so another week on IR (Injured Reserve) …or The DL (Disabled List) if you are a baseball fan.  Most of you realize that the window that I see most of this kind of stuff through is a Perspex face shield on a hockey helmet.  Correspondingly, somedays I feel like I am mostly held together with hockey tape and skate laces.  I have two primary issues I am dealing with this week: 

Muscles in my back between my shoulder blades were pulled when I was using too heavy of a free weight in a seated workout session designed for speed and light weights.  I simply messed up on this one.  It’s entirely on me and was not a smart decision.  Here is a link to the workout I was doing:

I have to give this person props, she came up with a great, short high-intensity workout for those struggling with lower body injuries. I love it and have been using it regularly, but is important to note that she is using either 12 or 16 ounce cans for weights. – I made the mistake of grabbing 5 lb weights and I wasn’t ready for it.  Not smart. 

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis.  It’s an overuse injury where the Achilles attaches to the rear of the heel.  Those have gotten inflamed and swollen – and it’s something I have struggled with more often lately.  That leads to more ice packs!  So anyhow, exercise this week has been limited not just by weather but also by the heel issues. I did manage to get a fair bit in, but at the end of the week I did need to take two days off just to rest the heels.  I am not sure what is causing it. 

New Shoes!

As I have opined earlier, I suspect that my shoes needed to be replaced.  They are a drop 4 (heel 4 mm higher than front of the foot) and usually my athletic shoes are about a drop 6.  I just went back to a drop 6 with my new Salming Greyhound shoes.  I do love my Salmings, so I have high hopes these will help solve my heel issues.   

Salming greyhound
New Salming Greyhounds


Ok …this week I had calorie intakes of the following: 1632, 1706, 1668,1503, 1735, 930, 150.  So you can the dinner on the first cleanse day (930) added a significant amount of calories, and the second cleanse day was really good (150).  I have chips and salsa on Saturday …it was fantastic and yummy.  I also had a margarita, a couple beers and a glass of wine or two and 2 fingers of bourbon. 

350 cals: light bread, pork chop, onions, roma tomato, mustard and provalone

All in all, it wasn’t a ton of dirty calories …mostly they were clean calories outside of a couple small snacks, and the alcohol.  I can do better of course, but I am not apologetic for living a bit.  It’s important to recognize it for what it is and acknowledge that it could be improved, but everything is a balancing act between weight loss goals and enjoying life.  For me, it’s rewarding to treat myself just a little, but not so much that I can’t keep my head in the game. 


Weather was a major limiting factor, in addition to injury.  Some of my elliptical sessions were pretty slow because of it …but it was important that I still did something.  I did one bike ride, one 3 mile mall walk, 2 elliptical runs and a free weight session.  So my amount of exercise was reduced from last week.  This probably helps to explain the lack of weight loss – along with the injuries. 

My Take Away:

I am ok with the situation this week.  Weight loss is a struggle, and it’s normal to not lose weight when dealing with weather limitations and injury – combined with elevated caloric intake.  It is what it is. I can’t beat myself up too much over that. Next week I expect to do better.  I EXPECT it!  But watching my intake will be my first step in having a better week – and healing up so I can return to good exercise levels when the opportunity presents itself will be my second step.  If I can accomplish both of those then next week will be successful. 

Lastly, my parting shot is a photo of a 1950’s Vincent Black Shadow. Vintage cool. Why? ..because it makes me smile. No other reason. Onward, friends.  Enjoy your week! 

Vincent Black Shadow
Vincent Black Shadow


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