Weekly Digest 38 4/19/19 -4/25/19

MN peeps
Minnesota Peeps! It’s Road Construction Season!

This week we had an oh-so-brief glimpse of summer here in Minneapolis. And I grabbed on with both hands and made my utter best of it!  I’m not entirely sure if this winter has been “unseasonably cold”, but it has sure felt like that.  It could be that I have been chomping at the bit to get back on my bike and be active outside …just be …outside.  My Minnesota peeps, you feel it too, right?  We’ve endured a long, hard, winter and most of us are just done with it.  We’re tired of taking crap from Alberta and its “clippers”.  Seriously, Canada’s biggest export behind hockey players and maple syrup is the damn wind and snow they send to Minnesota and Buffalo.

So with this glimpse of mild weather, I was dedicated this week to biking as much as possible.  I did log some serious miles this week.   I think got out to bike for 5 of the 7 days …and none of my rides were short little “tune-ups” for the season.  I jumped straight into the “10 miles and up” category!  I can probably than my work on the elliptical all winter for this. As much as I dealt with illness and injury this winter, and how that impacted my daily exercise routines, I still managed to keep up a good pace over the winter, and I reaped the rewards for that this week.  

All Things In Moderation:

MN Peeps 2
More Minnesota Peeps! Go Gophers!

While my diet wasn’t perfect this week my activity levels were strong. To be clear, I don’t expect perfection.  I have a system, and I try to stick to that as much as I can.  But I’ve learned not to sweat the details sometimes.  While I do try – it’s also important to live a little.  You have to have a clear head when making those kinds of decisions.  It’s very easy to have a few too many sweets and completely undo hours and hours of hard work.   But in the case of this week, things were mostly balanced fairly well.  I managed to reverse that gains of last week and lose two more pounds so I am at 205 pounds lost, total.   That’s a great week for me and I’ll take it!!  This week, I can claim victory. 

Canadian Trade Deficit:

Let’s get back to Canada, for a moment, and the dumping of snow and wind on Minnesota.  Dear Canada, I realize you are doing the best you can, but please get an economy and start exporting things of use.  Like more hockey sticks, touques, Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnuts, beaver pelts, and pre-formed igloos.  My good friend, Jarrett, has a company called Kenda Bathware in the Long Sault area of Ontario that makes fantastic shower inserts. If they get big enough, hopefully those will start being imported to the US.  But in the meantime, how about pre-formed igloos? You could diversify your product line, Jarrett!  If it comes to making Canada’s balance of trade such that they don’t need to export snow and wind to Minnesota, I’m all for it! 

11 Day Shred

So my Isagenix team has started doing an 11 day shred, and I’m participating in that with them.  What is it?  It’s simply a schedule of 2 shake days followed by 2 cleanse days, then 5 shake days, then 2 more cleanse days.  The idea is to get your system jump started into spring with some good, clean eating, activity and weight loss. In essence, it’s an 11 day focus on eating well and working the system. For me, it’s been pretty good and we’re closing in on the home stretch. As I write this there are just two more days to go after today.  

Shake Day vs. Cleanse Day

shake days

What’s the difference between a cleanse day and a shake day?   Shake days are pretty much what I do normally – which is a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and a healthy meal around 600 calories for dinner with a couple light snacks throughout the day.  For me, I shoot for between 1400 and 1600 calories a day at this point.   A cleanse day is a bit different.  It is nutritionally supported fasting.  Isagenix has a nutrient drink that is a dietary supplement which when taken during a day when you are fasting, allows you to get the daily nutrients you need and lets your body naturally cleanse out toxins.  So you don’t eat much on those days. 

Do Cleanse Days Help You?

Cleanse days are not my favorite.  I will say that right up front and I am unapologetic about it. I still do them occasionally, but I prefer an intermittent fasting program where you do all your eating in an 8 to 10 hour window and then don’t eat anything the rest of the day.  That’s more manageable for me.  Especially lately when I have been so much more active, my metabolism is up and running and I crave calories.  It makes a full day of fasting especially difficult.

shake days 2
I do miss these shakes on the cleanse days!

Many people I know swear by the results of nutritional cleansing (as opposed to medical cleansing with that chalky soup the doctor gives you.), but for me the results have not been nearly as clear.  And also – for the record – “cleanse for life” is an awful name. It comes off as a euphemistic pass at renaming Colon Blow. While Isagenix’s cleanse drink doesn’t have that effect (it’s merely nutrient kool-aid), perhaps their marketing department should take note of that.

All of that said – this week I did my first two-day cleanse and I managed to get through it. I will say that I think it did it’s job. My system felt pretty clear, if that makes sense? Of course, I was hungry – but when am I not these days? However, I have to concede that is some merit to the idea of nutritional fasting. Even if for nothing more than giving your digestive system a break and letting your kidneys have a catch-up day.


I’m pretty happy with this week.  Again, it wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t bad at all.  I had one day in which I indulged a bit and shouldn’t have.  A little cold pack cheese from Pine River and a few crackers and some chocolate chips for my sweet tooth.  Add in one cocktail and my day pretty easily ratcheted up to 1812 calories.  That’s a bit high for what I want.  On Easter Sunday I had a great brunch with wonderful food over at Pam Hargrove’s place with her family.  Great food and great company …can’t ask for better!   I may have had a couple of bellinis while there, but it’s all good.  The rest of the week I ate clean and had a martini on Tuesday.  That’s it.  I can’t complain too much, right?   Still …room for improvement, as always.  But I’m not going to beat myself up about it.    



This week in exercise was fantastic and I feel great about it!!!  Being outside and biking has been a huge uplifting experience for me!  I love it!  These first few rides of spring have just made me grin and get excited about being outside.  It’s wonderful.  More on that in a separate article, I think!!  So for biking this week I clocked in with rides of 20 miles, 16, 15, and 2 at 10 miles.  So that’s five days on the bike for me!  I had one day where I walked 3.3 miles and one where I did 30 mins on the elliptical and got a free weights session in.  I’m VERY happy with this week!   Next week our weather is going to be crappy and rainy so I will be lucky to get on the bike even once.  So that means it is back to the elliptical and the free weights!   

My Take Away:

Well the results were great.  I very pleased with that, and believe that all the outside biking had a lot to do with that.   This next week I will have to watch my diet with the weather turning crappy.  It’s far too easy to reach for comfort food given bad weather.  This brief glimpse of warm weather was just a teaser for us here in Minnesota, and it’s not enough to sate my hunger for outside fun.  So I know next week will be hard.  Hopefully doing this 11 day shred with everyone with provide a little team-accountability to the matter so it’s easier to stay on track.  But the take away is simple …and much the same as you’ve heard before. It’s about keeping my head down and grinding away, doing the work. The results will come if I just keep doing the work.

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