Weekly Digest 34 and 35  3/22/19 – 4/04/19

Well last Sunday my post shared that I, finally, hit my mini goal of having lost 200 pounds! It was a great, great moment for me, the full implications of which has still not sunk in. I still have not spent much time thinking about what all this means for me, and how it changes my life.  Of course, I’m sure I’ve spent a bunch of time while I was struggling to reach this point thinking, at least subconsciously, about achieving it. Curiously, that didn’t really prepare for me it.  SO ….it’s basically come down to a process where I handle it day by day.


Since last week’s big announcement stole the thunder from a regular weekly digest post, I rolled the last two weeks into one.  Here’s the bottom line:  Last week I hit my mini-goal of having lost 200 pounds, and the following week saw no change up or down – I stayed exactly the same.   On weigh-day I was feeling a bit bloated so perhaps there was a little water retention, but it’s hard to tell.  Honestly?  I’m not concerned.  My last two weeks have been pretty good.  My diet has been good, and my exercise has been decent.  Not perfect, mind you, but I’m only human.   These last two weeks also had some fun activities and events! 

What’s next?

I have a tendency to ask myself “what’s next?”  I seem to have a need to establish goal after goal.  There must always be something to work towards – whatever that happens to be.  My great friend, Jarrett Wright, from Montreal, understands that all too well.  I recall when I was getting close to the goal, he was asking me what my next mini-goal is – reinforcing the need to look forward.  Cut from the same functionally dysfunctional piece of cloth, we are.  Ironically, we were also born on the same day, of the same month and year.  Except I am about 2 hours younger than he is.  Also I am more handsome…and modest!  I never let him forget I am younger.       

unplowed road
The unplowed road can be a chore to navigate

Yeah, so I’ve made my mini goal …now I need to look beyond that and keep moving toward a future that I envision for myself.  This is a checkpoint, or more appropriately, a Weigh-Station on the Unplowed Road that I travel.  But as I get my bearings, I am inclined to focus on a very short term goal.  I would love to lose another 10-15 pounds of fat before re-assessing my long-term focus.  Part of that is to let this all sink in, and give me to time to really narrow down my needs vs wants, but part of it is to have real conversations with my doctor, Larry – and eventually look into a body lift to remove much excess skin. Right now I am taking small steps, and moving deliberately and slowly as I consider my future goals.     

Editorial Note: 

maple leaf sorry

Having mentioned Jarrett in this Weekly Digest, it occurred to me that I made a tragic error in my previous article on Team Support for those losing weight.  Jarrett is part of my core team of people that have supported me all along.  He’s been an amazing friend, and in focusing on who I interact with in-person, every day, and who is part of my Isagenix Team, I completely forgot my long distance team.  His omission is so egregious that it prompted me to make an edit to original article and make mention of that edit here.  So, dear readers, please revisit the article on team support and join me in acknowledging Jarrett Wright as a big part of why I am able to accomplish this goal.  Weight Loss Support Article

Masquerade fun:

me jolene and robin
Me Jolene and Robin
bella natalie and robin
Bella, Natalie and Robin
me and robin
me and Robin

Many of my friends that I have met through my Isagenix team went to a masquerade party on Saturday the 23rd, and I have to say it was so much fun!  I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone and getting to talk to people.  It was amazing!  This is a great group of people, and the opportunity to spend time with them and socialize is always a welcome distraction from real life and the normal routines we all fall into.

The Masquerade was held at The Mansion in Uptown here in Minneapolis.  Carey Thul managed to get everyone on the team an invite and we gathered to celebrate getting through another week AND Sarah Stevens’ birthday! It was the first time I have been to The Mansion so, naturally, it was exciting for me!  The atmosphere was wonderful considering I was surrounded by so many of my friends and the entire evening was spent dancing, talking, taking pictures, and really getting to know some of my teammates I hadn’t previously been able to. SO very rewarding and fun!


These last two weeks I managed a pretty good record.  Wheat was kept to minimum.  Refined sugar was at zero intake, and food choices were healthy and clean with a few small exceptions.  One of those is Burton’s Rich Tea Biscuits.  These are very modest biscuits for tea, and it just feels decadent having one or two.  They are about 40 calories a piece, so it’s not exactly the end of the world.  I only had a couple pieces of bread and some pita over the whole two weeks covered by this edition of the Weekly Digest.  So …I’m pretty happy with that.  Alcohol intake was quite moderate as well at just a few drinks each week.  I can live with that – again, the name of the game is not living like a monk, it’s living realistically and making that conform to healthy choices as much as possible. 


Exercise, as a whole, was down this week.  Part of that was still nursing some tenderness in my Achilles on the right side, but also it may have been a bit of laziness and the winter blahs really setting in.  I’m not afraid to admit I am getting quite pissed at Mother Nature for this continual hard weather this year.  It’s uncalled-for.  She should apologize by offering an amazing spring and summer …and fall while we’re at it!  Yes, winter has been THAT bad!  

So in week 1, I got some dancing in at the Mansion, and a couple sessions of elliptical machine, and a couple free weight sessions.  That’s not a huge amount …but there were at least two solid days off in there.   Week 2 I fared a bit better with 3 elliptical sessions and 2 free weight sessions.  However that also had two days off.  I can feel myself struggling to keep up the enthusiasm for exercising indoors.  I am going to need to really hit things with renewed vigor and commitment next week.  As I write this, my friend Andrea Bennett has been posting some very motivational commentary that hits home.  And it made me realize with stunning clarity that I have not been pushing myself to the degree I should.  Whether that’s part of the injury recovery process or just being overtaken by the winter blues, it’s time to get my ass in gear and push it a bit more! 

Bike on Rack
Torker T520 all cleaned up and ready to go!

My Take Away:

Ok, I hit my mini goal …I am ruminating on the next steps and the long term vision, and I have a short term goal.  Last week, even though I did reasonably well with diet, it is clear that didn’t move the needle much.  However that could be for a lot of reasons.   I am feeling the need – the NEED – to be more active!  So if I can motivate myself to get up and DO more, then I feel like the other peripheral contributors will fall in line.  There’s no analysis behind that, it’s just my gut feeling based on how I was feeling on weigh day and looking back at my week.  Oh wait, looking back at the last two weeks, seeing behavior, trends, activities, and identifying areas for improvement IS analysis.  Nevermind, science, math and gantt charts wins again.  

So there we have it!  My plan going forward is to do what my friend Wahbon Spears told me to do probably two years ago now … “just keep moving.”  It’s simple advice and it works well.   


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