Weekly Digest 33  3/15/19 – 3/21/19

This week started entirely focused on St. Patty’s Day. On this day, every year, I go to my favorite Irish Pub, McCormick’s in Wayzata, and celebrate!  This year was no different!  I have to say I enjoyed my time there tremendously. This year I had the corned beef and cabbage (big shock I know) and as always, a few Guinness and Magner’s Irish Cider. Entertainment included live music, a piper, and dancers from local highland dance academies. Like every St. Patty’s Day, McCormick’s never disappoints.  Tim, Patty and Michael do an amazing job.

McCormick’s on St Patty’s Day.

The rest of my week went quite well. I did still struggle with some injury issues, but was able to keep active for the most part.  My diet was very good (except for St Patty’s day, of course!) and I was really feeling great as I neared weigh-day on Friday.  In fact, I was so nervous being one pound away from my next mini-goal – one that has eluded me for so long, that I couldn’t sleep.  I managed only two hours of sleep that night. 

Dad at table
Dad at his table in front of the fire at McCormick’s!

Getting a feel for progress: 

It’s really rare that I have any clue how I am going to do going in to a weigh-day.  Most often I do pretty well with sticking to the plan, and all the tertiary factors have thoroughly confused me in establishing any kind of reference point.  So I can feel like I have done great, and then I actually GAIN weight.  Or I can feel like I have had a mediocre week and suddenly I have LOST weight!  So many things are involved, I have found my “gut instinct” (pardon the pun) is actually of very little value.  But despite that, with as hard as I worked and as clean as I ate, I was SURE I had nailed the goal this week and would even clear it by a couple pounds. 

Imagine my surprise when I climbed on the scale Friday morning to discover my weight had actually INCREASED by 4/10th of a pound.  I couldn’t freaking believe my eyes.  I had to weigh myself twice.  I even stood there awhile, puzzled, making sure I was reading that number correctly. So here I sit, yet another week with no tangible progress.   Or …was there? 

What’s in a number? 

My scale provides an in-depth analysis of body composition through a variety of measurable characteristics. It measures electronic resistance through your tissues like sonar to measure the various masses and densities. 

Since I was completely baffled at how I could have had such a clean week in diet and exercise, and actually gained weight, I looked into these various characteristics to see if I could find any answers there.  Low and behold, I did.  According to that scale, my muscle mass increased 1 pound last week.  So if all these numbers are relatively accurate, it does look like I lost some fat but gained some lean muscle.  This stands to reason considering how active my week was. 

So despite my overall weight not hitting the goal I wanted to this week, I think I should be really happy because I did everything positive for myself that I could have.  In fact, outside of St Patty’s Day, I am not sure how much I could improve on the week!  So …I choose to see it as a positive and go forward knowing I am doing good things for myself.  The numbers will follow, assuredly. 

On the nature of “going out”:

With my journey about getting healthy, one thing I don’t get the opportunity to do very often is go out to restaurants. While I love a handful of places near me, food in ANY restaurant has a tendency to be higher calorie than what I should be eating per meal.  So …I don’t go out as often.

One thing I am still trying to master is the art of going out and not consuming delicious but high calorie food or a bunch of empty calories from alcohol.  It’s not easy, and it’s not just from a temptation standpoint.  When I go out I like to be a patron that supports the establishment and staff.  Being good to the servers and bartenders is pretty important.  After a number of years, you get to know them well and the owners.  And it’s important that they all succeed if we want them to stay around. 

Despite that internal struggle, all of my friends in the serving industry have been nothing but supportive. They encourage me to come out and just have a tea or coffee …but to come out just the same.  It’s really heart-warming and shows their genuine nature! 


Ok, let’s start with the obvious standout – St Patty’s Day: 3 Guinness, 3 Magner’s and corned beef and cabbage.  I think there was even a cookie in there.  Overall, it was likely about a 2300 calorie day.  Considering my basal metabolic rate is a bit over 2300, that’s not bad.  I had about 4 drinks through the rest of the week, so it was a bit high on alcohol this week.  Since the body burns that and sugar first, it could be a contributing factor for sure. 


Aside from that, the rest of my diet for the week was right on target.  This week featured many clean meals including homemade corned beef and cabbage (clean except high in salt) , meatloaf, salads with chicken, leftover cabbage from the corned beef (I LOVE this!) pork tenderloin with salad, etc.  

In retrospect, if I were to target a weakness in my diet it would a bit high in salt with the homemade corned beef, and a bit high in the alcoholic sugars.  One good note is that it has been weeks since I have used any refined sugar.  I feel pretty good about that!! 


Friday was a day off. Saturday I did free weights and Sunday I did an elliptical session prior to the festivities, and plenty of pint curls once there!  On Monday I had a killer day with Linnea and Karibeth at the gym.  I started with my own 30 min cross training workout at home.  Then did 30 minutes of treadmill at the gym.  Also did 10 mins of the rowing machine and 30 mins of strength training on various machines.  That’s awesome for one day! 

I followed Monday up with walking at the mall for 40 minutes on Tuesday, even though I had a sore left hip, and that’s where the trouble started.  The next day – Wednesday, both the left hip, which I had been nursing and the right knee were bothering me so I did free weights on Wednesday and took Thursday off. 

I am pretty happy with my activity levels this week, however small injuries still remain an issue.  I felt good most of the time, however. 

The Injury Report:

On Monday night, while getting in my car, I pivoted just right and aggravated my left hip injury.  It’s just something muscular or tendon related so it will just take time.  My right knee also become sore that day after walking and my right heel took on some soreness as well – likely insertional Achilles tendonitis brought on by an irregular gate from the hip and knee.  It’s difficult to postulate at this point, but I was still able to stay active.  The good ol heating pad played a major part to my week – again. 

I have to say, I just have this feeling that once spring hits and things warm up and I can be outside – get back to riding my bike – that a lot of these little injuries will clear up.  I am SO looking forward to being outside, and being truly active.  I feel like I have tried very hard to keep up activities over the winter, and done pretty well at it – but I have this feeling that I have another gear to go to – that I have another level that I can ratchet it up to.   And it’s going to take spring to bring it out of me. 


My Take-Away: 

Ok, so obviously – less alcohol, less sodium and just try to stay healthy enough to keep active.  Going into the weekend, I know I will need some downtime for a couple days to just let things recuperate.  Saturday has a fun Isagenix Team event scheduled. So the focus will be for as much clean eating as possible and consistent activity levels.  Clearly I am building some muscle, so I should probably try to keep that up since  muscle burns more calories!  My course is clear – stick to the plan and keep active!  Onward! 


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