Weekly Digest 32  3/8/19 – 3/14/19

Week 32 is one of those weeks where you have the best of intentions, but then you fall down in a couple spots – but still do your best.  And then, regardless of any dietary transgressions, you are rewarded anyways with a positive week!  Weird. Very weird. 

But as we have discovered, the body has its own timetable and processes information and intake in its own way.  Despite the fact that I WANT this to be a strictly scientific process where X cause creates Y result, guaranteed.  Every. Damn. Time.   It just doesn’t work like that, friends.  So the best description I can come up with, reflecting back on this strange week, is that weeks of good intentions, paying my dues, following through on being active and trying to be good have paid off in some small way. It’s like the body has slowly crawled out of injury and illness mode and is now slowly starting to chug forward, building steam like an old locomotive.  Sometimes, I actually huff and puff like a locomotive, so that’s fitting! 

Where I am now:

So all things considered, I still managed to lose 3 pounds this week.  That’s huge for me ….seriously huge.  It’s not that it’s multi-pound weight loss – it’s that I have now managed to put 3 positive weeks together in a row.  That’s a giant thing for me considering that all winter long I have been plagued with seesaw battles with the scale. 

That places me 1 pound away from 200 pounds lost.  Yep …one pound. That’s my mini goal – 200 pounds lost.  And now I have managed to struggle within one pound of that.  So I am happy – very happy to be this close.  But also kind of fearful.  What if I have a setback this week?  What if St Patty’s Day really interferes?  Because I know I will be enjoying the festivities at McCormick’s – my favorite Irish Pub. You know …it’s really not a bad problem to have.  The answer is to go forward, enjoy life, have fun, and give yourself a break.  I will work hard on the other six days of the week and know that if I don’t get there this week, I will eventually.  So for now –I am just going to focus on each day as it comes and do the best I can. 

Rain after a long drought: 

You, my friends, have had a ringside seat to watching the mental gymnastics in dealing with the frustration of illness, injuries and plateaus. You know all those posts about non-scale victories?  That’s what I am doing – reaching back to remind myself of all the ways that taking care of myself is having a positive impact on my life.  And evidenced from the articles – there are a TON of ways.

I was reminded of that the other night, when attending an event several friends noted that I was looking thinner.  Knowing that the scale hadn’t moved much to warrant that I didn’t understand immediately.  But they reassured me they do see a difference. That made me pause and realize that by building lean muscle and continuing to slave away with the free weights and elliptical machine, I WAS having a positive effect.  It just didn’t show up on the scale.  That’s why measuring is also important – it lets you know that progress is not just measured on a scale.     

The Injury Report:

We had a midweek return of the sore knee.  I had just managed to get it under control when a walk through the mall brought a little stiffness back to it.   I am not convinced that I did anything wrong on the walk, I just think it’s part of the process of getting back in shape for the summer.  Of course, with me chomping at the bit to be doing stuff – anything really, it might be barking in protest.  Tough.  It just needs to heal and shut up.  Let’s hope it plays ball.  Other than that, any injuries have healed. As I write this – on the following Monday it feeling pretty good again and ready to let me be active all week, I hope! Put me in, Coach!  I’m ready to play! 

Car Show: 

68 GT401
1968 Ford GT 40

This week wasn’t just about hard work.  I actually did a few fun things that I really enjoyed.  Actually – MANY fun things!  On Sunday I went to the Minneapolis Auto Show and saw all kinds of new and wondrous vehicles.  It was fascinating to see how everything is changing in the world of autos.  I saw a fantastic Chevy truck made out of Legos! I saw an amazing 1968 Ford GT 40 …such a gorgeous, gorgeous car.  (No, one “gorgeous” is not enough to describe that.)  Suffice to say that 1968 was a very good year for the world.  I went with my friend, Andrea, and we talked away the evening on all matter of joys, issues and world problems.  Good conversation is perhaps one of the most pleasant things ever.

Chevy Truck made of Legos

Sister Time:


On Tuesday and Thursday I went to Isagenix events.  Tuesday I went with my sis, Linnea and we had a blast.  After the event we stopped out for a cocktail and conversation.  We met up with friends and had a wonderful time.  Granted I kept her out waaay too late (sorry, Brian!) we had a blast – and we both could have used that!  One thing is for sure – Linnea and I will never be able to call the other to bail us out of jail – we’ll be in adjacent cells.

Hi Mom!

I also got to see my mom, which was fun.   We had to trek to the hospital to get some test results and discuss options with the doctor.  Funny thing – he had nothing really to say.  We went in there, on a rainy day with a chill in the air, for a 30 second consult in which he told us “well here’s what going on, and here’s how you care for it and other than that there’s nothing really you need to do.” 

Seriously?  THAT’s it!??  I dragged my mom out in the rain and cold for THAT?!  He could have relayed that information to mom’s hospice physician and then subsequently her.  But if that happened then they couldn’t bill the insurance company for an office visit, could they?  But instead it’s ok to inconvenience an old woman just to collect that fee.  Frankly, I find that pathetic and think the medical and insurance industry needs some serious oversight and regulation.  On the upside, mom was happy and is always great to be around.  So it was a good time despite our unneeded trip. 


Image result for From the Ground up crackers

Ok let’s get down to the root of things here.  This week I did really well on bread and crackers. I think I had 2 pieces of bread all week, and only a few crackers.  I picked up these new crackers by a maker called From The Ground Up – they are cauliflower crackers that look and taste like cheez-its.  Cheez-its are some of my all-time favorites.  They aren’t bad, of course the taste isn’t as good as original cheez-its, but they are clean and I enjoy the crunchiness mostly.  It’s satisfying without the calories.  Sunday I went out to dinner and did have some ravioli and a Ukrainian sausage …both were incredibly delicious.  I enjoyed them immensely.

The only real infractions this week were of the liquid variety.  I did have a few drinks while out with friends.  And I thoroughly enjoyed them. Sorry …not sorry!   Life is too short for cheap booze and to hold oneself hostage to diets all the time.  I have discovered over the last two years that I don’t enjoy drinking as much as I once did.  I hit my limit long before I feel anything from alcohol these days. But then, for me, drinking has never been about getting drunk.  I just find my system as a whole doesn’t tolerate it as much anymore.  That actually makes me feel great!  It lets me know that my quest to eat clean is paying off.


Exercise was light this week – not as vigorous as I had hoped.  I did not meet my expectations there.  However, that was because I was still nursing some knee issues.  On Sunday I did a fair bit of walking at the car show – about 8000 steps.  I did two elliptical sessions, one free weight session and did some walking at the mall.  Overall, it’s not bad …I am still staying active.  But I know I could have done better.  BUT …the next week I should have no problem doing better since I know that my injury status has improved!   The secret, for me, is really in keeping active throughout the day.  Standing, walking and moving.  As my friend Wahbon told me a while ago: “Just keep moving”. So right she is. 

My Take-Away: 

Well it was a surprisingly pleasant week.  I know St Patty’s day will put me behind the 8ball calorically for next week, so I need to focus on eating clean and getting active for the other 6 days.  1 pound to go.  It feels great to be at that point. Obviously I would like to hit that and then some.  But we will see what life throws at me next week.  For now, I think the focus needs to be on the details.  Daily intake, sticking to the diet, and driving activity levels up will be key elements to success.   Provided all other obstacles are contained, I remain positive.  I will certainly look forward to establishing a new mini-goal, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that the 200 pounds lost number means a lot to me.  Onward.


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