Weekly Digest 31  3/1/19 – 3/07/19

The longer I am actively engaged in living a healthy lifestyle, the more I am starting to understand that change itself is part of what constitutes “normal” with this.  That might be a different case for a younger person, or simply a different person …but for me, the ups and downs, and small strains and injuries seem to have become a way of life.  

Last week I wanted to make sure I held on to the progress I made …it was a 3 lb loss last week.  This week my goal was to keep to the diet schedule and slowly increase exercise as healing allowed.  I managed to do that fairly well – although not perfect by a long shot.  The exercise part went according to plan, but the diet plan saw just a few small bumps in the road.  Not horrid at all – but I could have done better.   The bottom line is that this week saw only a half pound change – so essentially no change. I remain 4 pounds from having lost 200 pounds. 

More fun with friends!

One particularly cold day, over to my friend Robin’s place, a group of us worked on vision boards. It was great fun to do that with everyone! It was a fantastic opportunity to let everyone talk about what was important to them. Our local Isagenix community is very tight, and extremely supportive. It’s a wonderful network of positive people and they are truly an asset. The cover photo this week is myself and Robin B. modeling our fur hats on this cold day. The Fur Hat Club!

my vision board
My Vision Board

To be or not to be …discouraged:

Normally, I might be slightly discouraged by this, but in actuality I was not!  In fact, I was most pleased!  You see, after so much time see-sawing back and forth, dealing with illness and injury, it was really important for me to establish two positive weeks in a row.  My biggest concern was being able to re-establish some kind of consistent, positive, forward momentum.  The entire winter has been awash in subzero temps, tons of snow, and not an iota of consistency in my weight loss results to be found.  I blame winter.    

It’s about consistency:

The consistency thing has been weighing on my mind as of late.  It’s been working its divisive influence on my “Fat Brain” and making me quite concerned about being able to keep moving forward.  I have dealt with such trouble and inconsistency this winter, it has made me question my basic process and wonder if maybe I am missing something elemental?   I came to the conclusion that my particular body is susceptible to any change in circumstance. 

ice pack
My friend, the ice pack

It is as if weight loss, for me, is a finely balanced regimen that simply ceases to work under impactful stresses.   So if we consider the illness and injuries of this winter, and how they may have negatively impacted that system, it become understandable.  However, what continues to perplex me is the time that it takes to re-establish that balance and get back on track.  It’s like the body has some kind of strange balancing process it needs to go through before it can settle down and resume weight loss.  Granted, none of this is based on any kind of medical knowledge – I am just observing what seems to be happening to me. 

The Injury Report: 

I am almost of a mind to make reporting on my various injuries a normal section of the Weekly Digest! While the amount and severity of injuries is decreasing gradually, it’s still amazing to me the amount of time I spend tending to sundry ailments.  The good news is that this week saw a slow improvement of the knee issue I have been dealing with lately, and that is a GOOD thing!  

At the beginning of the week it was more significant of an impediment than later in the week, but all the same, it was an impediment.  Fortunately as that healed I was able to more actively pursue exercise and that culminated in a good walking session on Thursday at the mall.  The outlook thus far is bright, I seem to be nearing full health…at least until I do something else!    


Borscht with Olga!

Well the diet this week was the area in which I think I could have done better.  The specific thing that was a bit more outside of my plan was bread.  I had a loaf of cranberry walnut bread in the house and nibbled on that here and there throughout the week.  Breads, pastries etc are probably my biggest Achilles heel.  To be perfectly honest, the cranberry walnut bread was utterly fantastic.  I was smitten with its goodness!  But yes, excess bread is a forbidden fruit for my diet. 

One great upside to the diet this week was the opportunity to cook with my friend Olga Dovgopola! We made her borscht recipe on Sunday and it was utterly amazing! I love that it’s a fairly healthy soup and incredibly tasty. Look for an article on that in the coming days!


Alcohol intake was quite minimal this week.  I did get the opportunity to indulge in a wonderful liqueur from Quebec called Sortilege.  It’s a blend of Canadian Whiskey and Maple Syrup.  A cordial doesn’t get much more delicious than Sortilege. 


The exercise plan this week went very well.  I was exceptionally pleased by how well I did through the week.  I wanted to exercise strategically so that I did work that was good for me and didn’t aggravate my knee.  I think I managed that fairly well.  In the process of attempting to build lean muscle on top of simply being able to get some exercise, I managed to leave my muscles fairly sore.  But it’s that’s good kind of soreness – where you know you have worked but nothing is hurt!  I managed to put in 4 elliptical sessions, one free weight session and an hour of walking at the local mall.   Say what you want about walking at a mall – and how it’s for senior citizens, but in the winter it is a great way to get some exercise in.   I would say I am pleased with my results this week and look to try to capitalize on these results for next week, and push the envelope a bit further.  

My Take-Away: 

Burtons rich tea bisquits
Burton’s Rich Tea Biscuits! YUM!

The winter remains a time when comfort foods abound and are a threat to my diet.  It’s not been very easy finding quality produce in the winter, and that’s helped to push me more toward breads and tea biscuits and sugars.  Clearly I need to continue pushing myself toward cleaner eating and putting in more effort to resist temptation.  I am also, curiously, finding my body staying fairly hungry most days to where 1400 calories per day doesn’t feel like enough.  Although I am seriously wondering if that is mostly in my head rather than a real need.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, we move forward with the plan and continue focusing on small, reasonable activity gains, and being vigilant with my diet.  Let’s hope I can put together three positive weeks in a row!  Keep your fingers crossed!

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    Cranberry walnut bread sounds delicious! Can’t blame you for nibbling on that, I know I would too!!

    • haha, yeah, it’s a brutal temptation! 🙂


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