Weekly Digest 29  2/15/19 – 2/21/19

Well …I certainly wish I could tell you all that I was successful in holding on to my weight loss from last week, but I can’t say that.   I wish I could say that I made perfect choices and my diet was stellar …but it wasn’t.  The truth of this week is that I tried really hard, but the combination of poor choices, injury and the unknown and uncontrollable were not in my favor.  Bottom line, the scale said I regained five pounds this week. 

I do feel bad about this.  But not THAT bad.  I know that my diet wasn’t perfect this week but it was pretty good.  I know I got more exercise than last week, but still not enough.  My body continues to deal with – and heal from – a series of injuries.  And looking back at the week, I just feel like the weight gain was mostly water weight and my body might have been, largely, reacting to injury.  Although, I do not discount that a portion of that might be a natural rebound from the previous week’s exceptional weight loss of eight pounds. 

So now I am 7 pounds away from my next mini goal.  One of the encouraging things is that I am slowly trending down.  So while a strange series of injury and illness circumstances have created a giant seesaw over the last several months, it’s confidence-building to know that I continue to move in the right direction – even if it is only incrementally. 

What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is an “unknown and uncontrollable”? 

One of the things I have discovered about weight loss is that you can do everything right and some weeks the body just won’t do what the math says it should do.  There are aspects that we cannot count, measure or quantify.  Is there a scientific answer? …perhaps, but nobody has managed to identify what it might be.   So instead I prefer to think of these elements as uncontrollable forces that affect progress one way or another.  This week, whatever mystical forces exist, that cavort to influence the Weight Loss Gods, were definitely not in my corner. 

The Injury Report: 

Ken Dryden awaits the conclusion of “festivities”.

Today is Sunday, February 24th.  Tomorrow …for most of the world is just Monday.  For me, tomorrow is a special day.  It’s NHL Trade Deadline Day!  I know, I know, all you non-hockey people are rolling your eyes.   But you hockey folks out there know what I am talking about … Chris Tschersich Jim Vold, DJ, Paul, Josh, Teig, Greg …cmon now, get behind me on this, Hockey Nation!  It’s trade deadline eve!  Already our eyes are glued to the trade wire ticker and we wait to see what the playoff run looks like for the league.  I can’t wait until Canadian market TV coverage begins in the morning!!   One last note …yes, there ARE two types of people in the world.  Hockey people and non-hockey people.     

But all of this fuss around trade deadline day invariably makes me reflect on the massive amount of injuries in the NHL this year.  It’s on the rise and continues to be a problem.  With the speed, strength and fitness of modern athletes, the body is just not able to keep up with the forces involved.  I can sympathize with this state of affairs as lately I have been facing my own plague of injuries. 

Ice Packs and Heating Pads:

Similar to overall trends in hockey, I also find my own body is subject to more injury – albeit for far different reasons.  I also take more time to heal now.  Even something simple has me reaching for ice packs now.  So last time I checked in, I was struggling with a spate of injuries likely brought on by trying to exercise through gout and modifying the exercises I was doing, leading to bad form and causing their own injuries. 

Beat up knee
The ice pack routine with my knee

I had a sore left hip, insertional Achilles tendonitis, and a sore inside of the right knee.   At this point the Achilles tendonitis is gone and the hips is about 95% healed.  However, the problem remains with the inside of my right knee.  Based on the location and characteristics, I am guessing I either have a sore MCL or a little bursitis.   Bursitis, for those that don’t know, is a fairly common malady where the bursa sack (a protective fluid sack that prevents the rubbing of tendon on bone) becomes inflamed from over- or improper use. 

Right now, how much I am able to do for exercise is a daily variable.  Some days the knee is doing much better, other days it is very stiff and needs a little TLC.  So while I handle this day-in and day-out, I’m not certain how that is affecting my body. Is it enough to send it into protective mode?  I’d like to believe that, of course.  But ultimately I am mostly concerned with getting the knee healed and back to a point where there is no question about it affecting my weight loss progress.   I am hoping that liberal use of ice packs and heating pads is helping speed my knee to full recovery.


Overall I have managed to control the calories pretty well this week.   I had two days in the 1600-1700 range, and everything else was between 1400-1500 range.  I am pretty happy with that.  However, I did struggle a bit with making good choices this week.  Specifically I am talking about Wheat Thins crackers and cheese.  Whether it was grabbing 10 crackers to sate some hunger as I zip through the kitchen, or if it is parceling out 15 crackers and cutting 1 ounce of cheese and making a small snack…in either case I ended up consuming too much of these things. 

Calorically I kept track of everything, but compositionally, it just seems like a lot of wheat, salt, cheese, etc.  I had at least 10 crackers 6 of 7 days.  I had a similar – and surprising – result with sugar this week.  I discovered the coffee creamer I was using was high in sugar – and then I was putting refined sugar in my coffee anyways!!  Not good.  REALLY not good.   So right there we have excess sugars, wheats and salts going into my system that I am better off without. 

The creamer is gone and I am going to be substituting maple sugar for refined sugar in things like coffee from now on …and doing my best to limit that.  I absolutely adore maple so we will see how that goes.  I also will be drinking more tea.  I have always been more of a tea guy than a coffee guy, so that’s an easy adjustment for me. 

I think by recognizing and acting on these issues with the content of my calories, I can help to keep myself moving forward.  There is no doubt that too much sugar inhibits weight loss – the body burns sugar before fat. 

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick (and tea) maker:

The winking boo

I placed an order with Adagio Tea and have a bunch of fresh teas to try.  I am thrilled!  I also made my own blend which they boxed up for me.   The tea blend is 50% Gunpowder Green tea, with 30% butterscotch tea, and 20% cranberry tea, and a sprinkle of ginger.  I called this blend “The Winking Mr Boo.”  It’s a sassy, but comforting tea …made of the finest of ingredients befitting the finest of furry friends. 

You can find the Winking Mr Boo HERE

jet a

I also have another blend that has been on Adagio’s website for years!  It’s designed as a morning cup of tea guaranteed to get your motor running.  For you pilots out there (Natalie S!), it’s called Jet A/JP-8 and can be found HERE


This week was a rough week for exercise.  What I have been doing has been based entirely on what my knee can handle.  So I did do two days of free weights and two days on the elliptical.  So I did do better than last week, but again, it’s about making sure the knee keeps healing.  Seriously, sometimes taking care of the little injuries is a full time job!  But It is healing…so I have the opportunity to move forward and make next week a better week.   Forward momentum is very important. 

With the last few weeks having to be light weeks, I can already tell that getting back to working out every day will be an uphill battle. But in a way, I relish that.  Going through a good workout delivers a great sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that you are improving yourself.  All those sore muscles are telling you that very same thing. 

My Take-Away: 

The exercise part of this week is plain and straightforward.  I need to do more when I am able …but no need to rush it.   The diet part is the part that needs more management.  Getting rid of the excess sugars and wheat should be a high help.   Again…it takes constant vigilance to maintain a diet and keep those temptations from taking over.   So for next week, here’s out list of priorities:

  • Cut refined sugar
  • Cut the crackers to zero. 
  • Switch away from coffee to tea.
  • Exercise more if able. 
Teh Cup
Champions are made. Be your own champion this week.

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