Weekly Digest 27  2/1/19 – 2/7/19

Well here we are again, folks. This week there were few surprises and little change.  To be blunt, I somewhat expected this. The ongoing seesaw battle with recovering from illness, injury and every other factor that is holding me back is getting pretty old.   But …like I am fond of pointing out, what choice do I have?  I can’t exactly give up at this point, can I?   As much as I might like to do something drastic (like go eat a pizza) as a way of acting out and actually DOING something in retaliation against this metaphoric treadmill I am on, the truth of the matter is that sticking with the plan is the only recourse I have. 

Of course, I DO have other options to mix up my exercise routine, and mix up my diet etc.  But the fundamentals of what I am doing have been proven to work.  It’s just tinkering around the edges of the program to “jar things loose” that might actually benefit me.  To be clear, I still believe that the gout, the prednisone and the associated injuries and stress are the primary culprit for this seesaw I am on. 

As it is, the numbers from this week aren’t great, but aren’t horrid either.  I lost 1 pound.  That puts me now 10 pounds away from my goal.  I did expect to lose more given how good my week was, but the impacts of being hurt, injured or sick are significant.  I feel confident that once I heal up fully, I can accomplish my goal in short order.    

Where I have been and where I am now:

Let’s look back a moment.  I have been dealing with the impact of this condition and the associated byproducts since mid-late October.  We just hit February.  That’s a lot of time to be seesawing back and forth and constantly fighting illness.  The frustration from that is significant. 

The most recent flareup from last week, spilling over to this week has finally subsided.  Starting about Sunday this week I found I could get back to regular exercise.  Sure, there was still tenderness and a mild amount of swelling, but things were getting under control – and best of all, it was all without the help of prednisone!   We adjusted the allopurinol and that seems to be working as intended.   So …I am cautiously optimistic that the gout is under control.  We’ll see if meds need to be adjusted again, but I get the feeling this might be the right mix! 

What does the healing process look like?

Gout causes damage.  It not only throws your body into protection mode, but it also forms uric acid crystals in the affected joint which irritate the soft tissues around it and eventually lead to degradation of the joint.  It’s actually a form of arthritis.  Treating it often takes the form of colchicine or prednisone (a steroid which creates problems on its own as I have discussed at length in previous posts)

Because I am trying to be really committed, and diligent about keeping up my exercise routine, I have a tendency to push the envelope a bit.  When, perhaps, I should take a break and let various body parts heal, I still try to do a bit. I am getting better about recognizing when it is time to take a break for a few days and let things heal. 

The uninvited dinner guest:

Unfortunately, while doing some cross circuit workouts while still injured with gout, I adapted the forms of my lunges that led to insertional Achilles tendinitis and a soreness on the inside of my right knee.  Add to that a day where I REALLY pushed the speed run on the elliptical and we add sore hips to that mix.  It all added up to some pretty serious discomfort that had me icing injuries on Thursday and Friday.   Thank goodness I took the time off of exercising and let things heal. 

It’s Sunday as I write this and I am feeling pretty decent across the board.  One more week of to get the last lingering bits of injury healed and I might be in a fully healthy condition for the first time in quite a while!   If I can manage to put together several weeks without doing something stupid and hurting myself, I might actually be back on the road to hitting my next mini goal.   


Intake this week was not quite as good as last week. I did ok with the choices and snacking – making those healthy choices. On Sunday it was my birthday.  I did not count calories but neither did I go hog-wild.  I had a few drinks with friends and had a delicious dinner of ribs at Birch’s on the Lake where my sis Linnea works.  

how to lose weight

On Wendesday and Thursday I did what Isagenix refers to as a 2-day cleanse.  Confusing nomenclature aside, it’s actually just fasting with some nutritional support.  I think intermittent fasting is likely equally effective (eat within an 8-10 hour window, and don’t eat the remaining 14-16 hours of the 24 hour period.)  But that limited my caloric intake on those days and my choices were limited based on what I was doing.  So overall the week looked pretty good and entirely within the bounds of reason.  I’m ok with it!   


The week started on a low note – the gout was making me pretty sore so I took Friday and Saturday off …I didn’t exercise on either day.  But starting on Sunday, I was on the elliptical for four days straight.  Each of those days was a pretty good workout too.  I didn’t take it easy on a single day  – and, in fact, set personal records in terms of distance covered over a given time.

As we hit Thursday, near the end of the week, that is when the other injuries kicked in and shut me down again.  So overall I had 4 days of strong elliptical work.  I would have preferred to hit one more day, but I am trying to be smart about it and keep myself exercising going forward.  Sometimes you need to take the long view. 

Keeping motivated:

One of the little games I play to keep exercise from becoming too mundane, is to track the distance I cover over time.  Generally, I distill it down to my average speed for a mile.  I do this on the days where I am just doing a straight cardio run and not on the days where I am doing cross circuit training. 

Octane Fuel Your Life

Somedays you just know your time isn’t going to be great.  It’s going to be slow- you feel slow- you have low energy.  Everyone has days like that.  I find that if I am eating well, and especially if I am eating healthy and clean, I have far fewer of those days than I used to.  I think it has been a couple months before I was even close to upping my personal best mark.  Fortunately, as I start feeling better, I am more motivated to get up and go! 

My Take-Away: 

Well, this week, like much of the last several months has been touched by injury.  Of the parts of this week I could control, I feel good about.  I can’t do anything about the rest.  The results came up unimpressive …but they WERE positive.  It’s continuing motion in a positive direction.  Next week, there should be less interference from health issues, so I am hopeful to see a bit more positive movement.  The bottom line:  Keep making good choices with the diet and keep mixing up the exercise routine.  I’m also going to try to stick closer to the intermittent fasting philosophy.  So less late night snacks, even though they have been healthy.  Timing is important too.   Let’s see if I can manage those small steps and keep slowly changing my lifestyle to follow a healthier model. 

Me on RE 500
Keep your goals in front of you and your troubles behind you.


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