Weekly Digest 23  1/11/19 – 1/17/19

Living healthy, and building a healthy lifestyle is a large container that includes a lot of things.  It means: Making the right choices at the right times. Living day to day in an intentional way.  Making smart plans – and then choosing to act on the plans. Not letting hurdles stop you. Continually finding ways to keep your routine fresh and incorporate healthy activities into your daily routine.   It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?   Truthfully, it can be, until it becomes your new routine.  I’m two years into this journey, and I still find myself having to be intentional and deliberate every week. 

The Old Finn

Small town ice racing rally

Yes, it gets easier …but you have to keep your foot on the accelerator.   I am reminded of a joke told by a coworker many years ago. His name was Bill, and he was an older guy from northern Minnesota.  When he grew up, they used to race cars on the icy lakes in the winter.  In his town, there was this one older gentleman – a Finn.  If he didn’t win, he finished in the top three every week.  He was fast.  Really fast.   Well one day, Bill, as a young man, asked this old Finn what was his secret to being so fast?   The old man looked around and seeing nobody within earshot, he leaned in, conspiratorially, and in a hushed voice said “I don’t use da brakes!” Bill looked at him confused “you just …don’t use the brakes?!” …He winked at Bill and said “ja, you betcha!”   Bill couldn’t help but grin when he realized this old Finn had been teasing him. 

“Stay on target…” – Davish Krail (Gold Five)

The last few months have taught me a lot about resiliency.  It’s been really difficult to consistently keep to my program in the face of so much resistance from health issues and holiday temptation.  I fought through it as best I could.  My success wasn’t quantifiable by not gaining weight – it was in simply getting through the last few months and emerging on the other side.  Today, I feel good.  The gout is gone.  The prednisone is out of my system.  I am starting to feel like I am back in the groove.

The Recap

This last week saw a lot of good work.  I managed to stick with my daily diet goals in a very reasonable way.  My exercise was consistent and rewarding.  In the end I did only lose one pound.  STILL …I lost one pound, and as I said last week, after losing a bunch the previous week, it was important to just lose something and keep the progress going.  I am 8 pounds away from having lost 200 pounds. The doorway is now open.   The track is clear, and we’ve got the lead.   Like the old Finn said, don’t use the brakes.   


Healthy Tabouli Recipe
A better choice: healthy tabouli salad

I started making better choices again – choosing vegetables and hummus over cookie brittle.  I have a bad tendency to want to reach for bready, high-calorie things for my snacking.  Things like:  chips and salsa (which isn’t too bad as long as you moderate the chips), crackers and cheese, peanut butter, hard salami, etc. Making the right choice in this instance is critical to overall progress.  And this week, I did well at choosing healthy snacks over snacks that feature too many calories.

The only notable deviations were a piece of cookie brittle, some chips and salsa, a couple mixed drinks with friends, and a really ridiculous salad at The Yard House with my friend, Ingrid!  I only had one day over 1400-1500 calories and that was Friday with the silly 720 calorie salad for lunch at the Yard House.  I still laugh about that – trust me, it didn’t taste like 720 calories!


weight loss goals

Here I did pretty well this week.  I am happy with the fact that I spent two days doing mall walking.  I really pushed the envelope there and set some quick times for me.  So I spent about 90 mins walking at a high pace between the two days.  My body felt it too – some muscles were sore as I woke them from their long winter’s nap.   I took one day off of exercise, and the rest of the days I was on the elliptical doing either cross training or a straight varied-resistance run.  

My Take-Away:

On Monday I did a fast 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical, then switched to about 45 minutes of free weights.  I had noticed, lately, that my friend Linnea had been doing something similar, so thought I would give that a try.  It was really great ..and a good variation on a theme!  I felt good when I was done.  In fact, I felt good about my exercise all week.

Ok so this week saw minimal positive results, but the important part is that they were positive results.  The next step is to continue the plan, and keep looking for moments when I have the opportunity to make the healthy choice – and follow-through on that!   Make the right choice at the right time!   Success, progress and reaching my goals will ultimately come down to those small moments where I have to make that choice.  Next week that’s where my focus needs to be.   And the results?? …well if I make all the right choices at the right times, then the results will take care of themselves.   

Don’t use the brakes, friends.  

See my broccoli and quinoa tabouli recipe here.


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