Weekly Digest 20  11/30/18 – 12/6/18

Sometimes the fix comes with it’s own problems!

The pendulum has swung back in the other direction!!  What a trial of a week.   So the good news this week is that my course of Prednisone completed on Wednesday and by Friday morning, I was somewhat returning to normal.  I worked very hard this week to keep to my diet, and even did a fasting day.

Part of the extra special efforts this week to counteract the impact of the Prednisone.  As I have said previously, weight and water retention, along with feelings of hunger typify Prednisone use.  So being extra diligent on my diet is basically staring the tiger right in the teeth.  There aren’t many tests of will (at least for a dieter) more severe than trying to be extra diligent while on a steroid. I’m happy to say I tamed the tiger and came out in one piece on the other side!

My goal this week was to hold the line and get through the prednisone effects.  As it turns out, I did more than accomplish that.  I lost 11 pounds this week.  Yes, 11. That’s not a typo.  HOWEVER, I think it is just the pendulum swinging the other direction from the last six to seven weeks of dealing with injury.  I expect that my body is clearing out the prednisone and bleeding off the water and weight that injury makes me retain.

Accordingly, it is very likely I will see a slight rebound this week, and I hope to keep that rebound as small as possible.  But in the meantime I have lost 11 lbs this week and that puts me at 197 pounds lost and just 3 pounds from my next mini-goal.  That’s a momentary victory I am happy to claim.  I expect retaining this loss, and grinding out the next three pounds wont be easy.  So …bask in the glory while I can!



walkers shortbreadThis week was pretty simple.  I stuck to my diet as much as I could, but that doesn’t mean my week was perfect.   It was far from perfect.  I have had a few sweets and a couple pieces of shortbread this week.  My weakness for shortbread and tea is well documented.  Also my snack choices could have been better.  I should have chosen carrots or other vegetables and hummus over something like an Isadlight chocolate square or perhaps a piece of toast with peanut butter.

While we can’t live on veggies alone, the winter just naturally makes me want to reach for those hearty options.  Resisting them, even if I am accounting for them in my daily calorie log, can be difficult. Being able to resist pays dividends, however.  I need to focus on the bottom line.  Focus on what that snack will cost you in lost effort and time versus making a smart choice.  That’s always been one of the best motivators for me.

I’m also trying to embrace the fasting concept in dieting.  On Wednesdays I will attempting to do a one-day fast with my friend Linnea.  We’re going to hold each other accountable and do this as a team.  The fasting concept is not a new one, but how I approach it is by utilizing nutritional supplements to feed my body what it needs.  Since my digestive system isn’t working on processing food at that point, it can reduce the amount of toxins or visceral fat in my system.

By and large, I think we can say I did pretty well at keeping the overall calories down. I hit 1500 calories only once this week.  Everything else was between 1200-1400 calories. Normally, 1200 calories is too low for me.  If my doctor is reading this, he would not be pleased.  (Sorry, Larry!) He told me not to go below 1400 calories.  But considering the steroid, when my will was strong enough to resist more snacks, I did.  Next week should be better.



This week was good for exercise as I hit 6 of 7 days on the elliptical.   Two of the days were runs with a randomized resistance level, and 4 days were cross training workouts.  Most of those days were still at the 30 minute level – and I need to ramp that up a bit.  Going forward, over the winter, I need to focus on increasing the time interval of my workouts.  Doing so will continue pushing the envelope and keep my workout times effective and greatly beneficial.  While it is certainly ok to keep things to 30 minutes, rather than making things more difficult, the most accurate measure for increasing net effort output is by increasing the time dedicated to the workout.  In short, it is the most quantifiable methodology of which I can think.


My Take-Away:

Being sick or injured seriously impacts your ability to lose weight.  Even small things can have put a hard stop on the body’s ability to shed pounds.  There’s this mysterious “protection mode” that the body goes into when you are sick or injured and that’s the big roadblock to losing weight.  No doubt the body needs time to stabilize after such periods – just like stabilizing during a plateau period.  But it seems that sticking with my system, and outlasting the plateau or “protection mode” period is about the only answer I have found to those frustrating situation.

Next week I hope to keep my activity level high, and continue to stick with the diet plan.  I will go after a fasting day on Wednesday and hope that my combined efforts hang on to my victories from this week.  It’s pretty simple …put my head down and grind it out.  We’ll see how it goes.

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  • Natalie Shafer

    Fabulous progress even given the prednisone! Such an inspiration!


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