Weekly Digest 17 11/9/18-11/15/18

Well another week has passed.  It’s cold out.  I find myself reaching more and more for hearty foods and snacks.  That’s a function of the weather and the season – and something I need to focus and on.  I said that last week and to a degree I did better, but there is indeed room for improvement.  My health has returned and the gout is pretty much gone. I was able to be active this week, but not as active as I wanted.

linuxI ended up spending a lot of time on my blog.  Usually when I say this, it’s about writing and generating content.  This week it was all back-office stuff that was difficult to manage.  I needed to learn a lot about the plugins for maintaining the security and functionality of the blog.  So it’s been kind of a trying experience.  I’m not a programmer – and to a degree, I have to learn a little HTML., so that’s a fresh challenge for me.  It was indeed frustrating, but I managed to wade my way through it and accomplish what was required.

So at the end of the week I found that I had exercised better, but not as much as I wanted. I felt like I sat far too much. I stuck to my diet with a few exceptions – and did fairly well – but not as well as I wanted.  But most importantly, my health bounced back.   So the result is that I didn’t lose any weight -but didn’t gain any weight.  I guess considering everything, that’s not the worst possible result.



There was only one day where I went above 1500 calories – and I went WAY above!  As ear as I can guess it was about a 2000 calorie day.   What did it?  I had a severe breakdown and succumbed to my sweet tooth and consumed a lot of white chocolate.  While that is the most egregious diet violation of the week, I will note a couple others:  I did have a beer and a mixed drink – that’s not too bad.  But I also have developed this trend of reaching for snacks of a more hearty nature as the weather has changed.  Things like sandwich meat, salami, peanut butter, honey, etc – all elements that I consumed less of when it was warm.

I managed to keep myself in the caloric ballpark of my goals by managing quantities, but clearly the amount of sugar and salt in those hearty snacks are not good for continuing my weight loss.  Now is when I need to be transitioning to my favorite Green Giant vegetable packs.   The summer has gone now – the farmers markets are mostly closed, but there are still a few indoor ones that I need to check out.  But ultimately this comes down to diligence and saying no to the bad snacks.  If I prepare by having healthy alternatives, and man-up then I should be able to conquer the cravings monster!



Octane EllipticalThe weather has turned consistently cold enough that I don’t even feel like walking outside.  So I had every intention of augmenting my elliptical sessions with some free weights and “step up” my efforts.  Well, I ended up doing that, but perhaps not in the way I expected.  I am pretty happy with how things are going but I still need to do some tweaking and continue “to push the envelope”.

As I mentioned in previous weeks, my elliptical (an Octane Fitness Q47xi) has undergone a firmware and software update.  I use an Octane Fitness tracking and control app on my ipad to control the program and track results.  Well this new update has been simply fantastic, so far.  The elliptical comes with a selection of resistant bands and anchor points – so it was always intended to be a single-piece cross circuit trainer.  The new programs take full advantage of that and do so in a way that is very user friendly.  So that is what I ended up doing this week!

I have to say I was really impressed with how the system works. I simply choose the intervals between cardio and strength training and off I go on my first cardio interval.  30 seconds before a strength interval takes place, there is a video preview of a trainer demonstrating the strength exercise to be employed.  When that interval starts the trainer video guides me with form and pace.  It’s really a great workout to try to keep up with the trainer in those videos!   To be honest, in some cases I go slower.  I feel it is important to go only as fast as I can in order to maintain proper form.  That ensures I am getting maximum value from the exercises, and by keeping proper form I don’t run the risk of injuring myself.

So this week I managed to do the elliptical 6 of my 7 days and each day was one of the new cross circuit programs.  I felt like I did really well, but there is a part of me – a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind – that says I need to be increasing the time and doing more than a 30 minute cross raining workout.


My Take Away:

This is very simple.  With me feeling good and being active again, it boils down to a few things:

  1. Have healthy snack alternatives around. Vegetables, 100 calorie packs of light popcorn, etc.
  2. Say no to cravings and don’t let myself stumble. I work too hard every day to let sugar cravings ruin my week.
  3. Increase my workout times a slight bit – even 5 minutes is good!
  4. It’s Thanksgiving this week. I need to make smart choices and don’t go overboard.  I will count calories and be cognizant of what I am eating.  Again, I work too hard to let this get in the way.  The long term goal is what is important.

There we have it.  Simple.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving if you are in the US.  I will see you all next week.  Same Bat Time.  Same Bat Channel.

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  • Barbara Flatten

    Ethan, I am so proud of you for your expressions of reality with life, but for so many other reasons too. I have learned that you know so much about your inner self, and how to handle many different situations. I always look forward to your next blog and our next conversation. I love you dearly and forever!

    • Awww …thanks Mom!! 🙂 Love you too!


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