Transformation BoosDay

Many of my friends, who are part of the Isagenix community, are fond of doing a “Transformation Tuesday” post on Facebook.   This is a celebratory posting where they feature someone in their team who has undergone a significant positive health transformation.  Well, I thought I would add my own version of this activity.  Let’s call it Transformation BoosDay.  Yes, you guessed it.  This is about Mr.Boo, my cat. Also, it’s not Tuesday.

Mr Boo Reclining So when I started losing weight, Mr. Boo was a hefty 22 pound tabby.  He is a big cat, there’s no doubt about that.  Even my vet looks at him and notes the girth of his structure – a true wide-body.   But despite that, Mr.Boo was an obese kitty.  The Vet hypothesized that Mr.Boo’s ideal weight should be about 12-13 pounds.  So we started dieting and watching what we ate. I switched him to a Limited Ingredient Diet – only dry food as he won’t tolerate other types of cat food.  (It’s like several friends I have and their aversion to vegetables.)  Fortunately, changing how he eats isn’t nearly the problem I expected it to be.  As it turns out older cats, like people, eat less as they age.

Boo Eating
Guard your chili around Boo.

So now Mr. Boo, through diet and napping, has trimmed to a relatively svelt 14 pounds. Let’s be honest, he’s a fat, spoiled tabby , there’s no exercise in this mix. But despite that fact, we’re getting close to our goals, and it’s rewarding for both of us.

But let’s hear from Mr. Boo in his own words:

Meow, meow, meow.” – Mr.Boo

Roughly translated this means “Just keep the treats coming, round boy, and we won’t have any problems…” 

On the surface this may appear a bit hostile of Mr.Boo, but once you get to know him, you’ll discover that yes, it is indeed quite hostile, and also smacks of a good deal of contempt.  That’s just the way he rolls.  On the other hand, once a person finally admits they are a mere cog in his machine, and accepts their role as “staff” …it, generally, works out ok.

So kudos to Mr.Boo for a fabulous job getting down to a more reasonable weight! He has lost one-third of his body mass!  I’m very proud of this little guy, he is a one-in-a-million!  (yes, he threatened me unless I said nice things.)


Boo Sees You
Mr. Boo is not amused


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