Weekly Digest 16  11/2/18-11/08/18

This week was a pretty industrious week.  I was kept very busy, but was able to stick to my diet (barely), and finally was able to get in some consistent exercise.  I finished up the last dosage of steroid, and it seems to have worked.  By the end of the week, I am feeling pretty good as far as my health, with just some final healing going on in the joint afflicted by gout. With the steroid, it HAS been difficult sticking with the diet this week, but I was able to be reasonably successful.  The steroid does make me a bit hungry – at least that’s what I tell myself!  LOL   Anyhow, my efforts netted a 2 pound loss, bringing me back to 189 pounds total.  11 pounds to go until I hit 200 pounds lost!

An additional highlight this week was spending some time with my mom.  She’s been doing so great lately – really enjoying The Glenn.  We have come a long, long way since the start of the year, both in her health and mine.  So it’s really gratifying to see her growing her social circle, participating in activities and enjoying being active. That is due to not just her amazingly positive outlook, but also the staff of the Glenn, from Campus Director Shanna, on down, they have been fantastic. Many thanks to Jay Steen for his fabulous recommendation of The Glenn.



I have focused n trying to stick to the diet, and eating clean.  I have also avoided alcohol this week, and that has been a small victory for me.  Despite the overall success, I would point to probably a bit much sugar intake this week.  Those who know me know I have a sweet tooth, and sometimes it gets the best of me.  However, the impact has been minimal this week.  Only 2 days eclipsed the 1500 calorie mark – and even then only barely at 1531 and 1508 calories.  All other days were in the 1400-1500 range.  In terms of specifics, I have been making a lot of roasted vegetables and dishes with squash lately.  It’s been quite good and satisfying for the fall/winter.   Yes, I used the “w” word.  As I look outside and note the snow, I must begrudgingly admit that winter is here.  Damnit.



I exercised on the elliptical 5 days this week (2.5 hours total) and started doing something new!   My updated elliptical app now features a good amount of cross training exercise routines, and the update made them much more accessible and easy to use.  It’s actually REALLY fun!  The app has all my specifics (height/weight/age/gender) and I can set the intervals for the exercise routines.  Two I have been working with is a yoga-balance routine, and a routine for hockey players.

Both routines alternate cardio time with strength training time.  For the strength training, an instructional video comes up that shows you what to do and also guides your pace.  Thankfully, I have the option of skipping to the next exercise!  Let’s be blunt – many of these things I just cant do – yet!  But I’m working at it, carefully yet diligently pushing boundaries.  These routines have my heart rate elevated into the cardio zone for over 75% of the 30 mins, so I’m feeling pretty good so far of what I’m accomplishing!


My Take-Away:

This week was again pretty good with the diet, aside from some minor sugar cravings.  I need to be a bit stronger next week and focus on eating just as clean and just as healthy.  The exercise routine feels good – but I am sensing that I need to add a little bit more.  Whether it is just more active time around the house or dedicated time lifting weights or on the elliptical, or maybe it’s time to head to the mall for some indoor walking?  I need to step it up.  The next few weeks are important weeks if I want to hit my next mini goal of 200 pounds lost.  I have momentum…and nobody else is going to go dig the puck out of the corner.  Time to grind this out.



You can learn more about healthy eating from my blog post here.


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