Non-Scale Victories Redux

While I have mentioned non-scale victories previously, it’s important to keep them in-mind and recognize them when they happen.  A Non-Scale Victory is when you realize some level of success that isn’t tied to the math of losing weight or the number the scale displays.  Sometimes when the scale isn’t moving, you are still rewarded by other means. It’s important to recognize these other things as a tangible example of your success.  Staying motivated is very difficult at times, and each victory is an important factor in maintaining a healthy mental outlook – especially during a tough holiday season!

100 pound club water bottleFor example, maybe you have been working very hard at the gym –lifting weights and doing cardio.  Perhaps you are trading fat for lean muscle.  The scale doesn’t move –but you notice more definition in yo

The nature of non-scale victories is that they sometimes sneak up on you, and happen when you least expect it.  They are unplanned and often as rewarding as hitting any numerical goal.  That’s part of what makes them exciting.  In fact, I had one last night that was very rewarding.

The Jersey

Many years ago I bought a Minnesota Wild hockey jersey from my brother.  He had been selling them as a side-gig and I wanted to get in on that action because they were inexpensive.  Well I got the biggest size he had, with no clue how big or small that really was.  Well, it didn’t fit.  It was disappointing, but I wasn’t surprised honestly.  I knew it wouldn’t fit.  Hockey jerseys are simply not made in the size I required.  But obviously …as you can see I wore it last night!  It has been hanging in my closet for YEARS.  And just out of curiosity, I slipped it on and voila!

Also, in one of these photos I am sporting my Isagenix 100 pound club water bottle I received for losing 100 pounds – which past long ago …but felt SO good to actually get the little kudo for doing the work.  It was yet another non-scale victory!

Timeout Tuesday

Tuesday night, my sis Linnea and I went to a gathering called “Timeout Tuesday” with some great friends from Isagenix.  It was a super fun little get-together.  I have to give Linnea a lot of credit here. (Yes, Linnea, “You are right.”  -it’s an inside joke, but I’m sure you all get it.) She got me involved with this group of people.  When I started, I was pretty skeptical.  Everyone was so positive that it felt kind of odd.  I operate at a much more mid-level state – never too high, never too low.  So that took some getting used to.

Eventually I learned that many of these folks are here supporting each other in making healthy lifestyle choices. Some are also building a business, which is great.  As I experienced success, and started to open up about it, the reinforcement and support I received from everyone was really humbling! Opening up is not easy for me, so it has been a long process.  They respected that fact and let me progress at my own pace. They have ended up being a genuine group of friends and are a vital part of my support network.

The Right Tool For The Job

UP Snowplow rigRegardless of whether you are growing a business like that or not, having people around you that build you up instead of tearing you down is really important to keeping your motivation positive and sticking with your plan. “Stay on the train” as Hayden Vavra would say.   Which, I find particularly appropriate given that the visual theme for this blog is all about snowplow trains clearing the tracks.

We all have to negotiate our own hurdles to health and success.  We all have to plow our own road …but sometimes someone has been there before us and we can glean something from their experience that might make it easier for us.   Sometimes clearing the “Unplowed Road” means that just clearing the tracks with the right tools.  My choice?  An EMD diesel with a rotary plow rig – you can clear an avalanche with one of those babies.  Can you imagine the mess that would make of a monster pile of Halloween candy?   What a visual.  Never before did I imagine such a visual confluence of trains and diets!

The V in Victory.

So back to the jersey.  I was thrilled to be able to wear that!  These pictures are the very first time I have worn it out, EVER!  It felt SO good to be able to do that, and it took me completely by surprise.  So much so that I was a little overwhelmed when I realized I could do that.  You have to understand, I love hockey. I was raised on hockey both here in Minnesota and when I lived in Canada.  That’s just what we do …play hockey.  Every day I would come home from school, grab a stick and gloves and be out in the street with whomever was there – and in Toronto there is ALWAYS a game going!  So to be able to slip on a jersey is a big deal for me.

That made me stop, and recognize what I have accomplished.  I didn’t know if I EVER would get down to the point where I could wear that jersey.  Considering I am in the midst of a gout flare up, which has me doing a lot of sitting, and not being as active as I want to be, this Non-Scale Victory was really great timing.  Revel in them when they happen, folks.  It keeps you moving forward with a grin.

I will leave you with one tidbit of humor:  The jersey is number 22, for Cal Clutterbuck.  I got this jersey so long ago, Clutterbuck is no longer with the Wild! Doh!!



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