Chicken, Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions and Shoepeg White Corn

Here is yet another quick and healthy meal with chicken!  So often I like to pair a simple and fast chicken meal with a whole grain pasta – like a penne or rotini.  But in this case I opted to go a different direction.  Corn is a delicious carb alternative and can be done a multitude of ways.  In this case I chose a pre-made Green Giant box of frozen corn.  I know what you’re thinking – “eww frozen!”  But don’t depair!  I hate those mushy canned vegetables as much as the next person and I wouldn’t do that to you!  Besides, in the dead of winter we can’t get fresh corn.  SO …lucky for us Green Giant offers several corn versions from straight steamed corn to corn in a low calorie light butter sauce.


Boneless, skinless chicken breast – 8-12 ounces

Green Pepper

Red or Orange Pepper

Yellow Pepper

Sliced Mushrooms, 8 ounces.

Red Onion

Green Giant Steamers: Shoepeg White Corn & Butter Sauce. 10 ounce box.

Olive Oil, 2-3 tablespoons

Seasoning can be anything you like.  In the photo I used McCormick’s Grillmates Bourbon and Brown Sugar.

Fresh ground pepper.

sauteed veggiesDirections:

  1. Start by slicing your bell peppers. I learned a great way to do this by watching Gordon Ramsey. He slices the slices the sides off the peppers in the same way as you may cut around the core of an apple, one side as a time.  He’s then left with large pieces of pepper which can be quickly sliced into strips to be sautéed.   The core is simply discarded.   Simple and easy!  Watch it for yourself here!
  2. Slice the red onion into thinner pieces than the pepper. The onion will sautee just a bit slower than the pepper.  If you need to slice the mushrooms, do that here.  Feel free to use any type of mushroom you want – it’s entirely up to you.  For a recipe like this I often just use white button mushrooms.  They blend well with other vegetables and are inexpensive.
  3. Place all the vegetables in a bowl, toss lightly with no more a tablespoon of olive oil, and season with black pepper to taste. Good alternative seasonings to use here can be any herbal based seasoning, like Sunny Paris or perhaps just an Italian mix.   Also, seasoning now will lessen the aromatic impact of an herbal seasoning rather than waiting for the vegetables to be in the pan and cooking.  I have done it both ways depending on how much I want the herbs to come through in the end.
  4. Next slice the chicken in strips cutting across the chicken breast. This makes a nice, and easy size for cooking in a pan.
  5. Place just enough olive oil in the bottom of your pan for cooking the chicken. Turn burner to medium heat.   When the pan has heated up, but before the oil starts smoking, put in the chicken.  Season it with your seasoning of choice …and let cook for 4-5 mins or until you can see the edges becoming completely opaque white.
  6. About 2 minutes after starting the chicken, add vegetables to their own pan OR if your pan is large enough, you can do the entire meal in the same pan, but separated. You can also do the chicken first, then the vegetables, but I like them both finishing about the same time.  Experiment with this and see what works best for you. You may find that dirtying an extra pan makes things more manageable in the end.
  7. Green Giant CornWhile the chicken is cooking, put the corn in the microwave to cook. Yes, I know …a microwave. Yuck.  But trust me on this…the Green Giant stuff is not bad at all – and it’s fast and relatively healthy! Those of you with busy lives will thank me for this, later!  J  In my microwave it takes about 4.5-5 mins for the vegetable packs to cook.
  8. The vegetables should be stirred in accordance with how much you want to brown them. I tend to try to give them just a bit of color yet retain a slight al dente character.  Again …it’s an experiment and you’ll know what you prefer.
  9. When the chicken and vegetables are done to your taste, plate and serve.


The above recipes is based on making dinner for two.

Chicken –  4oz per serving is 184 calories

Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms sautéed, are approximately 70 calories per cup.  This recipe should make about 3-4 cups.  And so, let’s go with 140 calories of vegetables per serving.

The corn is 110 calories per ¾ cup serving.  2.5 servings per 10 ounce box)  165 calories for half of the box.

Total meal calories:  489

Simple. Healthy. And it looks great too!

You can read more on basic nutrition here.




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