Weekly Digest 11  9/28/18-10/4/18

Well it’s been a good week!  I really towed the line and did well this week and it had positive results!  I was worried that after the positive week last week that my body would stall out and want to re-adjust again.  If I have a dieting skill, it seems I am particularly adept at hitting plateaus!  But I kept going with the exercise and sticking to the diet and managed to put two good weeks back-to-back.   This week I lost 3 pounds just like that week.  That brings the total to 188 pounds lost and only 12 pounds away from my next micro-goal of reaching 200 pounds lost total.

We had one curiously warm day this last week and I used that to good effect, spending the day in the garage working on rebuilding the arm of an idea chair.  It was SO nice to be outside doing something in warmish weather!  I am just not ready for winter yet.  But looking at the temps for the rest of the week, and looking at the temps for the upcoming week, it appears that winter has no interest in whether or not I am “ready”.  It’s pretty much here.  As I write this, I am looking at a high of 41 today and contemplating a walk in that weather.  While that also makes me wonder if I have lost my marbles, it also occurs to me that I don’t really have any sweat pants that fit anymore given all the weight I have lost …and I don’t think it would be wise to do that walk in shorts!  I think Amazon will be seeing me again, shortly!



This week I did really well.  I was very happy with how tightly I stuck to my diet.  The highest calorie count for the week was on Thursday with 1564, and that included a full dinner of Beef Provencal!  So that’s not too bad!  The rest of the week my intake was between 1400 and 1500.  Best of all, the quality was quite good.  Sure there was the occasional small treat, but it was very small and I made an effort to limit both salt and sugar.  Tuesday I had lunch at the Good Day café and chose their Asian chicken noodle salad.  It was absolutely delicious and relatively healthy!  I also chose fresh vegetables for snacks in many instances.  This week, I would say, was about making better choices up-front.   At that critical moment when confronted with an apple or a bowl of M&M’s …I did a good job choosing the apple.  But, also, I need to be honest – I have no M&M’s in the house.  That’s part of what makes this work.   By limiting the vulnerable situations that I am in, I also limit my opportunities to make poor choices.



Well, it was another cold week and my exercise regimen reflects that. I’m happy in that I did something every day, but I sure do miss the warmer weather.  This week I had my workout in the park with Sierra Harju.  I managed to get in an additional free weight workout, 6.8 miles of walking (two sessions of 3.4 miles), and three elliptical sessions of 30 minutes per session.  The heart rate monitor remains problematic.  I am going to try a new battery in the strap this week and see if that helps the situation.  My two walks on Wednesday and Thursday were a study in contrasts.  Wednesday was the warmer day, but I was much slower.  Thursday, when it was colder, I was much faster.  That might have been me just trying to keep warm!  But I was pleased to have stuck to some form of exercise each day this week.


The Take-Away:

Overall, it’s been a great week.  If I were to look for areas to improve on, I would push myself to be even more active.  Perhaps I could have done another free weight session during the week or walked some additional distance – or even fit in an additional elliptical session.   Just …something more than 1 activity each day would be an improvement.  Outside of that, I am very happy with how the week went.   Now, I set my sights on trying to deliver another positive week.  In trying not to get too caught up in what the scale says, I am going to focus on trying to make good, healthy, small decisions this week and see if I can come away feeling good about my decisions like I did last week. Onward!


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