Weekly Digest #10 9/21/18 – 9/27/18

What a week!  I am relatively pleased with my work over the past 7 days. There were two days where I splurged, but worked very hard throughout.  I did a decent job adhering to my diet and did reasonably well on the exercise front. It feels like it has been a successful week!

Like last week, the weather this week was a portent of things to come.  I am looking to the winter months with a good deal of trepidation.  It is going to take a good deal of focus and dedication to keep my activity levels up without the benefit of cycling through tree covered trails or feeling the sun drenched breeze on my face.   Substituting that for ice covered streets and a frozen Alberta Clipper is NOT my idea of fun.  But weather aside, I managed to lose 3 lbs this week, making up for last week and netting another pound loss.  So now the total is up to 185 pounds lost.  15 pounds to go until I hit 200 pounds lost.  That’s my next “micro goal” I have set for myself.


CanapesWell this week was good with two glaring standouts.  Usually, I rush to point out the negatives and the places in my weekly diet where I splurged or fell down on the job.  Today I am going to point out the GOOD first!   I did a great job of eating clean on all days but two.  My meals were good, balanced, delicious and above-all healthy.  I stuck to shakes and/or bars for breakfast and lunch and for 5 days I was right between 1350 and 1490 calories per day.  I am really happy with that consistency and dedication.  I’ll give myself an A+ on those days!

Now. ..the two splurge days were significant. Both were somewhere around 2200 calories.  The first was Friday as I went on a happy hour outing.  The food I ate wasn’t too bad – lots of fish, pickled fish, oysters, smoked salmon.   But it was the alcohol that got me – as one might expect in a “happy hour” setting, right?!   I had 2 beers, a dry vodka martini and a gin and tonic. That is a bit too many calories and having them come from alcohol is even more difficult since the body processes that sugar/alcohol first.

Roasted Shallot DipThe next rough day was Wednesday.  My father hosted a happy hour at which I prepared some delicious hors d’ouvres!  Specifically I did a caprese salad, berry toasted canapes and a roasted shallot vegetable dip.  I have to say – that dip was to die for!  None of those items are particularly low fat – add to that the fact that some wine and mixed drinks were consumed at this happy hour, and yep – we have an instant high-calorie day.  I know, you are shocked to learn of alcohol at a happy hour!  You know what?  I have no regrets about that one.  I was so pleased to help dad put on a wonderful event that nothing else matters.  I’m going to just go ahead and claim victory!


Exercise this week wasn’t bad.  I got in two days of bike riding – 30 miles total.  Both days were solid 15 mile rides and I turned in good times on both days!!  I am REALLY going to miss bike riding when it gets too cold.  I ended up on the elliptical for 4 days this last week.  Each session was 30 minutes of a pre-programmed workout.  Lastly, I went for a 3.5 mile walk – so that’s exercise each day this week!! I am happy about that!

However, my elliptical sessions have been less satisfying lately because the heart rate strap is not working 100%. At many points during the workout it is under-reporting my heart rate. Why this is a problem is that the elliptical adjusts the resistance to keep my heart rate in an effective zone.  This is why a 30 minute session is adequate.

If the elliptical is under-reporting the heart rate, and ramping the resistance to an unrealistic level, it actually slows me down to the point where I simply cannot move fast enough to keep my heart rate in the 115-125 bpm range.  At that point, I am discovering I need to discard the chest strap entirely and let the machine ramp resistance to zero.  Then I can move quick enough to keep my heart rate up anyways.  However, then it under-reports the calories if it can’t confirm my heart rate has stayed in the correct zone.  UGH!!! Chest-strap monitors and I have never gotten on well.  I am going to have to find an alternative.

Overall, I felt good about the week and saw some progress.  Clearly I could have done a little better, but I don’t feel it is worth worrying about.   By and large it was a highly successful week and I think I should aim to keep the same diligent progress and keep making smart decisions. Next week there are no big social events planned – let’s see if I can capitalize on that and make some great progress!


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