In reaching our weight loss goals, the best of intentions sometimes fall by the wayside in the process of living life.  That’s what happened to me this week.   It started off strangely on Friday – I was exceptionally hungry all day, so naturally my intake numbers were up.  On Sunday I went to Birch’s On the Lake and spent some time there talking over blog stuff with a friend and enjoyed myself tremendously.   And on Monday I went with my Dad to the Red Rooster and had a fantastic late lunch.  It was a very enjoyable and social few days – but came at the cost of calories.  I worked my ass off the rest of the week to eat super clean and managed to hold my ground, neither losing weight nor gaining any.   So the total stands unchanged at 182 pounds lost.

I have to admit that given the dietary splurges early in the week, I am pleased with this outcome.  That’s one thing I have discovered about myself.  My body is notoriously unforgiving when it comes to diet deviations or “free days”.  It doesn’t handle them well, and if I stray from my diet, even the slightest amount, there is a disproportionate response from my body.  So it doesn’t take much to prevent me from losing weight, it would seem.  That should be significant motivation to adhere to the system.

Let’s look at my diet this week.  On Friday I hit 1700 calories.  They were good, clean calories, but just a bit much for my diet.  I was simply hungry all day.  On Saturday I had a Gin and Diet tonic, and 1575 calories.  That’s not too bad…but Sunday, OH what a splurge!  2100 calories on Sunday.  I had Birch’s Steak Asada Tacos, and several of their delicious beers that they brew right on site! Then for dinner I ate more than I should …a sandwich and leftovers – all totaling far too many calories on the day.

When those little stumbles happen, you just have to move on.  And move on, I did!  Right over to the fabulous Red Rooster the next day!  I was able to spend some great time with my friend, Patty, who co-owns the restaurant with her husband Tim, and their business partner Michael. They are also the folks behind McCormick’s Irish Pub. I had their Chicken Wrap with a cucumber cottage cheese salad.  It was fabulous and seemed really good and clean.  Let’s be honest, it’s tough to make good food in a restaurant setting that isn’t cooked in a lot of butter or oils, or drowned in dressings, but this was really well done.   I also tried their home made tortilla chips and salsa …absolutely delicious.  So Monday was still in the realm of reason with 1480 calories.  The rest of the week was great – I ate well and stayed within my limits the rest of the time.

Exercise was a bit of a problem this week.  Biking was at 23 miles on the week and did two each of free weight sessions and elliptical session. Sunday was a day off from exercise. I have been nursing several injuries that all came to a head this week.  I had Achilles tendinitis in my left heel, some kind of muscular stiffness behind my right knee and of course, saddle sores. Fortunately by the end of the week I was on the mend from these things, but it had a significant impact on the week and my activity levels.  The tendinitis and muscular issues really curtailed my interest in being active outside of a dedicated exercise session.  I spent a lot of downtime with ice packs and heating pads trying to aid the healing process.  It was a struggle certainly.

Overall I am happy that I stayed stable this week given the dietary infractions and the limits on physical activity.  But that makes two weeks in a row with no progress.  I need to get back to making progress. With the injuries healing, it’s time to get doing more activity around the house and just keep moving.   Rededicate to the goal, and focus on a good week of eating healthy and being active.


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