This most recent week had a nice start on Saturday when I traveled to Breezy Point for my nephew DJ’s wedding. It was a really wonderful event. And I had an awesome cupcake covered in delicious sugary frosting. My sweet tooth was very happy! Other than the brief detour from my diet, I think it was quite a good week. My calorie numbers looked good, my exercise numbers looked fair and yet, despite what was a quite disciplined week, I lost no weight. Quite literally no weight loss nor weight gain – to the tenth of a pound! It’s remarkable! I am a bit disappointed the lack of any forward progress this week, but also the last three weeks have been remarkable so it stands to reason that the body may want a bit to readjust. So that means we are steady at 182 pounds lost overall.

My diet this week wasn’t too bad. I had a few moments where there were some deviations from the plan. On Saturday I had a beer and a mixed drink. On Sunday I had a beer, and on Wednesday I had 3 glasses of Rose. Despite this I had only one day where the calories were above by 1400-1500 limit. That was Saturday where I hit 1725, and to a minor extent there was Sunday that hit 1565. Overall, I don’t worry much about those minor variances from the plan. Of likely greater impact is the alcohol, which the body burns first before stored fat. I am not unsatisfied with this week, but there is always room for improvement.

For exercise this week, I ended up doing a great variety. 20 miles of biking, 2 elliptical sessions, and 10.5 miles of walking comprised my cardio work this week. Additionally, I also did a great deal of housework, and did one free weight session. So overall I feel I was very active this week. I certainly would have liked to do more biking but we had inclement weather and with the great deal of biking I have been doing I have also incurred a few saddle sores that need to be given a chance to heal. No, that’s not a great topic I like to talk about – but it’s real. It happens. And I am not pulling any punches here. So …that is also behind my efforts to provide additional variety to my exercising. I am hoping I can be back on the bike more often in the coming weeks to take advantage of our remaining good weather here in MN before things turn cold.

So considering everything, it wasn’t a bad week but just enough is going on overall to prevent any weight loss. While, numerically, things looked pretty good, there’s always the unknowns. I did have a little alcohol this week, I did less biking, and I am dealing with a little nagging injury. The combination of those three things probably played a factor in limiting any forward progress this week. But you know what? That’s ok! I will just stick to my plan that has worked so well thus far and stay focused on making next week a better week.

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  • Erica

    I’m sure you know this already, being as you’ve lost so much weight but when I lost weight any time I would find myself hitting a plateau I would vastly change my exercise but I would keep my 1 hour of heavy cardio a day. I worked myself up to working out 2 hours in total every day! I also did p90x on top of my cardio which worked great! Yoga day wasn’t too great though, ahah.

    • That’s really great feedback, Erica! Thank you!! That change-up in the routine sure seems to be key to keeping the progress moving! That workout regimen is astonishing! I’m not sure I could manage that, but I sure see where it would be effective!


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