8/17/18 – 8/23/18
Ever since going through a prolonged plateau in early 2018, I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop when losing weight. The last few weeks have been pretty good – and I have to admit I am very pleased by them. But the skeptic in me keeps saying “ok…well this can’t last…” Yes, that’s not the most positive outlook certainly, but I am learning something about myself in the process. Each week I go through this, it serves to inspire me during the week because I don’t want this run of success to end. So it makes me a little more diligent at times, and hopefully I can keep my focus up. But for this week it paid off. I lost 6 pounds! I am completely and totally thrilled with that. The grand total now is 182 pounds lost! And I have to admit, a little surprised by it! But hey – I’ll take it!

Diet-wise this week was really good. There is little else to say about it. My high for the week was 1558 calories, and low was 1313 calories. It was a very stable week. I did partake in some alcohol. Last Friday I had a mojito and a beer. On Sunday I had one Gin and Tonic. On Thursday I did a cleanse day – where I eat very little except a nutritional supplement from Isagenix. The idea is that by giving my digestive system a break for a day, my body has an opportunity to continue clearing some additional toxins out of my system. This is very similar to any other fasting philosophy. I augment the fasting by drinking the nutritional supplement liquid so that my body does get the majority of vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis. It prevents me from feeling completely depleted and tired. Honestly, I struggle with this. Sometimes I can do very well with my cleanse days, but other times I get very hungry and simply can’t do it, despite the supplement and even some small snacks. This concept – where my body craves fuel (not just food) to keep running is pretty new to me. I don’t recall ever having that sensation before I started exercising where my body is simply running so low on energy that it craves fuel. I am not saying I have never been hungry – I am saying I don’t recall my body ever making a fuel demand like this. I have heard people mention this type of thing before, but never fully understood it until now. It’s challenging!

Speaking of exercise, it was a mild week there. I gave myself Saturday off, and did mostly walking this week. I biked only 40 miles, but I walked 10.5 miles. My usual walking route is about 3.4miles I try to be careful how much I walk for exercise during the week because it is significantly higher impact on my joints than biking or the elliptical. However I have been biking quite a bit lately, and have the bruises and saddle sores to prove it! So likely next week I will ramp up my walking regimen.


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