This week was a GREAT week!! All the weeks and weeks of struggling with plateaus and working to keep enough variety in my workouts has finally paid off!  Sticking with my plan has finally pushed my body into weight loss mode again and I lost 7 lbs this week. That brings my grand total to 172 pounds lost. Now, don’t worry – I know that’s unusual and likely combined with some water weight etc.  My goal for the next week will be to capitalize on this weight loss, and prevent any backsliding.  If I can add one pound of weight loss next week, that’ll be great.  But we’ll see what happens – the body is funny about deciding when it will and won’t play by the rules.


So let’s talk about what I did this last week.  My diet was mostly on point.  I tried very hard to stick with my plan and focus on avoiding bad stuff.  I managed to stick within my caloric goals of 1400-1500 per day, but had a couple deviations.  Sunday was a 1700 calorie day as I went to the ballpark to watch the Twins.  On Monday I had some M&M’s and a PB sandwich on Tuesday.  On Sunday I had a brat with sauerkraut at the ballpark.  All days I stuck with a shake for breakfast and lunch.  Alcohol wasn’t overly bad this week.  On Saturday I had a glass of wine, Sunday I had 3 beers at the ballpark (was great fun watching the Twins play on a hot summer day.) and on Friday I had two glasses of bourbon (4oz total) with friends on my deck.


It’s always difficult to balance an ideal diet with real life.  So aside from a couple minor deviations I felt like I did a good job saying no to the bad stuff.  As I am sure is the case with many of us, my weakness seems to be bread and carbs. I feed that with low calorie bread and peanut butter ….total of about 280 calories.  It’s satisfying and fits into the overall diet plan.  But I need to focus on not resorting to that very often as it essentially either replaces a lunch or snack choice – and especially if replacing a snack, it displaces vegetables and hummus or some kind of fruit.  I am clearly better off making the choice of veggies and hummus.


With exercise, I tried to switch things up this week. I did outdoor biking most of the week – but on Tuesday I just didn’t feel like I had the energy for a ride.  My legs felt dead even before I got on the bike, so I skipped cardio that day and instead did a 45minute free weight routine.  On Thursday I felt like switching it again would be wise so I went for a 3.3 mile walk instead of biking.  And on Saturday the 4th I did 30 hard minutes on the elliptical because it was raining outside.   But that was a good switch up too.  Overall I put about 50 miles on the bike over the remaining 4 days.


That covers how my week went – on to the next week!


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