I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive going in to this week. With such a big week last week, I was certain my body would want to stabilize and resist any more weight loss this week.  I was fully prepared to look at that scale and see no changes – or even a slight gain of a pound or so.  That just seems to be the pattern for me.  You can’t imagine my surprise when I looked at the scale and saw 4 pounds lost this week! So that is 11 pounds in the last two weeks! I am now at a grand total of 176 pounds lost. These results are far from typical, but I am thrilled nonetheless. It’s impossible to say what went right, but I suspect my body – which, for months, had been so resistant to big losses like this – has finally stabilized and is ready to start losing again. Of course, water weight could be a player, as could any number of other things, but there’s no point in trying to figure out why at this point.  Two great weeks in a row do a ton for my self-confidence and truly reinforces that my system is working for me!  Its more important to focus on capitalizing on this success and continuing to move forward towards my goals of becoming a normal sized human being – at least within the pantheon of big, barrel chested Scandinavians!


Ok, lets do the digging now.  This week in diet, I stayed on the train and did pretty well. My high for the week was 1625 calories on Sunday otherwise I stayed in that window of 1400-1500 calories. I had a cornbread muffin on Sunday, A half glass of wine on Tuesday.  Wednesday I had a beer, two glasses of wine and a shot of vodka.  Also a small amount of m&m’s on Monday – had to feed my sweet tooth.   Overall, it was a pretty good week with few deviations from the plan.  I think the adherence to the diet plan really goes a long way towards my success week-to-week.  I know that is a pretty obvious statement, but sticking to the plan is harder than it sounds.  Ultimately it takes a lot of dedication and resisting temptation.  I think anyone that has dealt with that understands just how critical those moments are when you successfully step-up and say no to the snacking urge.


The exercise work this week was also pretty good.  For biking I did 62 miles in 5 days, and I walked 7 miles over 2 days.  I also did two free weight workouts during the week.  I am very happy with that, it was a great mix of exercise to keep my body guessing and burning calories.  This has been the kind of week, which if I could continue to replicate, would be very good for sustaining success.  So that’s what I will try for the upcoming week.  We will see if I can keep the progress going!


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