This week was a bit frustrating.  I worked hard and saw no positive results.  That said, I also saw no negative results.  Just no change across the board. So I remain at 165 pounds lost. Considering how hard I worked physically, it comes as a bit of a surprise. But wen I examine my intake for the week, I can understand that perhaps my choices could have been a bit better. As I have seen before, the body doesn’t always follow your actions precisely – it has its own time schedule.  All we can do is keep mixing up our routines and stick to our overall plan that we know will bring us success.  I have accepted the fact that I am going to be constantly chasing this elusive state of weight loss.  As the body gets used to my routine, I will need to change it up for continued success.  It’s a lot of hands-on work, but hey, that’s just what it takes.


Let’s review my intake for those things that stick out as a problem.  Let’s start with Alcohol.  I had 1oz of port on Friday, 3 glasses of wine on Sunday, and on Saturday I celebrated my dad’s 76th Bday with 2 margaritas and 2 beers.   Overall that’s not terrible, but my body is pretty unforgiving.  So for me, that’s a fair bit of alcohol for the week- and alcohol has a lot of sugar that the body chooses to burn first.


On Friday I had 1700 calories, mostly from food consumed at a family gathering.  Desserts included – so again, more sugar.   Tuesday through Thursday I was on-point calorically no exceeding 1500, but on Tuesday I made a couple questionable choices – tortilla chips and some candy – again, more sugar.On Monday I again stuck to the caloric goals, but included in that were some cheese curds.  Sunday, I again tipped the scales with 1700 calories fueled primarily from 3 glasses of wine and 2 brownie bites.  The brownies were delicious, no question – but again more sugar.  I sense a trend!!  And on Saturday I blew things out of the water with 2400 calories.  Yep – that day was a rough one.  That was full food consumption with dad’s dinner bday – combined with 2 margaritas and 2 beers – that will drive those calorie numbers right up.  So it’s pretty obvious why, despite hard work, I ended up not losing any weight.


At this point you must be asking yourself “where is the hard work part of this?  So far all I am seeing is drinking and eating.”   Well, it comes in the form biking and walking.  Again, trying to keep things changing up, I did 30 mins on the elliptical on Friday, and walked 3.3 miles on Saturday, the other days I rode bike for a total of 55 miles.  Judging by the performance stats there were some hard days in there with bike riding.


I think this week, in retrospect, is a good illustration of how making several small, wrong choices, can sabotage your weekly goals.  Next week needs to be a much better week because I work too hard to be making these kinds of choices and not seeing results for the time I commit to this.


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