Well this week was another exercise in frustration.  I worked hard all week, played hard on the weekend and actually saw a gain of 1 pound this week bringing the grand total to 165 pounds lost.  You know, when I look back at the whole week it is hard to fathom how that can be, but again, the body is a funny thing.  It just reinforces how little room for error there is with my metabolism.  In short, my body is pretty unforgiving.  Let’s look at both sides of the ledger this week:


On the diet front I did ok during the weekdays and me last weekend was pretty much a big mistake. Monday through Friday were each within the 1400-1500 calorie window, but even so they contained some things that always seem to stunt my weight loss efforts – alcohol and cheese.  On Friday I had two glasses of Riesling.  Thursday I had a few cheese curds as a snack. Wednesday I had crackers and cheese as a snack, Tuesday I had two beers and 2ounces of rum.  On Sunday I went for a bike ride with friends.  It was a casual ride, so not my normal hard workout.  But then afterwards we had a lunch that comprised Brie, crackers, melon and muffins!!  Yep …not a good move for me.   I made some poor choices in that instance.  On Saturday I ate out with a friend, and while I ate fairly clean I did have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch prior to that and while out had two mixed drinks and a beer.  So Saturday and Sunday were about 2200 calories each.


As far as exercise this week, I did some heavy road biking.  All told I clocked about 80 miles this week.  That’s great for me!!  I had a few days where I went extra long.  So that’s very positive.  On the downside, all the biking I did this week also means I didn’t do other types of exercise, so there wasn’t much variety.  Despite that I am very happy with my hard work this week and I believe it is a great positive note on an otherwise frustrating week.


In this case, the math works out that I should have been able to maintain maintain my progress  (even without exercising!) but the various choices – likely too much sugar and carbs – added some difficulty and I actually gained weight.  If you look at the numbers there is no way that should have happened – but it underscores what is a consistent theme in the weight loss game, that the body has its own schedule and sometimes doesn’t play by the rules.  Being diligent in my diet and exercise seems to be my only defense.  So I am keeping to the plan and trying to do better next week.


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